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Marketing Principles Syllabus



TEACHER:  Mrs. Debbie Harris


This course provides a basic foundation for further study in marketing.  Students study economic functions at work in the marketplace, marketing functions including purchasing, pricing and distribution functions.  This course is based on the business and marketing core that includes communication skills, economics, financial analysis, and promotion.  Both marketing and employment skills learned will improve and increase the chance of successful transition into the world of work.  

Leadership development will be provided through DECA activities and competitive events.


Our main textbook will be Marketing Essentials by Glencoe McGraw-Hill. The following will be covered during the course of the year:

Semester 1:

Basic Marketing Concepts (Weeks 1-3) 

The Free Enterprise System (Weeks 4-6)

Marketing Research (Weeks 7-8)

Product Planning/Purchasing (Weeks 9-11)

Promotional Concepts and Strategies (Weeks 12-15)

Promotion Project

Customer Service (Weeks 16-18)


Semester 2:  

Selling to the Customer (Weeks 19-21)

Types of Business Ownership (Weeks 22-23)

Channels of Distribution (Weeks 24-25)

Risk Management (Weeks 26-27)

          Using Math in Sales (Weeks 28-30)

Identifying Career Opportunities (Weeks 31-32)

Virtual Business:  (Weeks 33-35) Culminating Project

Final Exam:   (Week 36)    


Grading Scale

A= 90-100%




F=59% or below



Please bring your computers (streams/chromebooks) to class with you everyday.  Most assignments will be submitted through Google Classroom.  Also, bring a writing utensil and paper to class for use in completing various activities/assignments. 



There will be tests given over specific units of study.  You will need to study worksheets, study guides, notes, etc. for the tests.  We will do a review the day before the test.   



We will be completing various projects throughout the year.  These will be graded based on the material covered and time required to complete the project.  The main projects are listed in the breakdown of the lessons.




Fall Semester

1st 9 weeks grade (T1) 40% + 2nd 9 weeks grade (T2) 40% + Fall Semester Exam 20% = Fall Semester Grade ( ½ credit)


Spring Semester

3rd 9  weeks grade (T3) 40% + 4th 9  weeks grade (T4) 40% + Spring Semester Exam 20% = Spring Semester Grade ( ½ credit)


If a student is EXEMPT during the Spring Semester: 

Third nine weeks grade (T3) 50% + Fourth nine weeks (T4) 50% = Spring Semester Grade ( ½ credit)


Final Exam/Exemption Policy

  1. Students will NOT be allowed to be exempt from any state required exam.

  2. No students are exempt from Fall Semester Final Exams.

  3. Students may be exempt from Spring Semester Final Exams as described below:

  • Seniors with an ‘A’ average may be exempt from a Spring Semester Final Exam or a culminating final project at the teacher’s discretion.

  • Any student enrolled in an AP course (with an A or B average) who takes the AP exam will be exempt from the Spring Semester Final exam in that class.



Please remember that this syllabus may be adjusted as needed throughout the school year.  If at any time you or your parent would like to know your progress in my class or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me during my planning time (1:17-2:09pm) at 678-4721 or you can call me at home at 677-0418.   If you would like to contact me by e-mail, my e-mail address is:


Rule #1 – Bring all needed materials to class.

Rule #2 – Listen and stay seated when someone is talking. 

Rule #3 – Respect other people’s property.

Rule #4 – Sit in your assigned seat daily.

Rule #5 -  Cell phones and head phones should be put up at all times, unless being used for instructional purposes. 

Rule #6Mutual respect always! (Heads up!) 


Let’s have a great school year learning about marketing!