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    Due to impending inclement weather, there will be no in-person learning for Somerset Independent Schools on Thursday, January 20, 2022.  This is NTI day number four and students will need to complete NTI lesson #4 for each class.  If students or parents have specific questions about a lesson, please email the teacher.
    After school childcare will be CLOSED on Thursday, January 20, 2022.
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Unit #9: Solar System & The Universe

This unit will cover the major bodies in the solar system and describes the difference between the inner and outer planets. The Copernican revolution is discussed and students learn about current models of the formation of the solar system and the formation of Earth's moon. This unit also covers the major structures in the universe, including stars and galazies. Students will learn about the nature of starts, how scientists study them, and about their life cycles. The unit then discusses different types of galaxies, and how galazies evolve. Finally the unit concludes by describing the structure of the universe and theories of the universe's orgins and future.
Day 1 Sun, Earth and Moon
Day 2 Sun, Earth and Moon


Day 3  Inner and Outter Planets


Day 4 Inner and Outter Planets


Day 5 Formation of the Solar System

Day 6 Formation of the Solar System
Day 7 The Life and Death of Stars
Day 8 The Life and Death of Stars
Day 9 The Milky Way
  • Formative Assessment: Quiz-The Life and Death of Stars
Day 10 The Milky Way
Day 11 Origin of the Universe
  • Formative Assessment: Quiz-The Milky Way
Day 12 Origin of the Universe


Day 13


Day 14

  • Project: Moon Phase Diagram- Use the templete to draw moon phase diagram, you should trace a penny to create the moons before you shade them. Make sure to include both views for the moon at each position


Day 15 Proficiency Measure #8