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    Due to impending inclement weather, there will be no in-person learning for Somerset Independent Schools on Thursday, January 20, 2022.  This is NTI day number four and students will need to complete NTI lesson #4 for each class.  If students or parents have specific questions about a lesson, please email the teacher.
    After school childcare will be CLOSED on Thursday, January 20, 2022.
    Staff will work from home.


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Unit #6: Work, Energy, Heat and Temperature

This unit covers work, power, and the mechanical advantage of machines. The six simple machines, different forms of energy, energy transformations, the conservations of energy and the efficiency of machines are covered as well. The unit will conclude with the study of temperature and heat, including scale conversions, energy transfer, conductors and insulators, the laws of thermodynamics and how heat engines work.
Day 1 Work Power and Machines 13-1
Day 2 Work Power and Machines 13-1

Energy Work and Power

Day 3 Simple Machines 13-2
Day 4 Simple Machines 13-2

Simple Machines

Day 5 What is Energy? 13-3
Day 6 What is Energy? 13-3

What is Energy

Day 7 Conservation of Energy 13-4
Day 8 Conservation of Energy 13-4

Conservation of Energy

Day 9 Temperature 14-1
Day 10 Temperature 14-1

Absolute Zero

Day 11 Energy Transfer 14-2
Day 12 Energy Transfer 14-2

Specific Heat Capacity

Day 13 Using Heat 14-3

Thermodynamic Laws

Day 14 Using Heat 14-3

Heat Engine

Day 15 Proficiency Measure # 6