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2021-2022 Syllabus

Williams Fifth Grade ELA Syllabus 2021-2022





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Grade Distribution:

Tests, Presentations, and Projects    

Homework, Daily, Quizzes, Notebooks  

             Grading Scale:

             100-90   =   A

             89-80     =   B

             79-70     =   C

             69-60     =   D

             59-0        =   F


Important to Know

Curriculum- We do not have language arts textbooks.  We will use a variety of ELA resources that are correlated to the Kentucky Academic Standards for Grade 5 Reading, Composition, and Language. 

Agenda-  Each student will be given an agenda book at the beginning of the

year. Each student is required to write the learning target and homework assignments here.

Writer’s Notebook- Students will maintain a hardcopy notebook.  All notes, quick-writes, and bellringers will be kept here.  They will be graded periodically.  I will tell you in advance. 


Monthly Assessments- Tests will be given monthly.  These tests will be multiple choice, matching, fill-in-the blank, short-answer, and extended-response.  Writing pieces may also count as test grades.

Quizzes- Quizzes will be given periodically throughout the year and will be given in

many different forms.


Projects and Presentations- Occasionally, the students will have projects and

presentations to complete. These activities will be done in groups or individually

and generally are given a test grade. Class time will be given, but some of these

activities may require out-of-class research.



 Expectations for Virtual Learning

1.    Adhere to Meece Middle School Code of Conduct.

2.    Create a designated learning space.

  • Well-lit
  • Quiet
  • Comfortable
  • Extra supplies nearby (pencils, paper, folders, agenda)

3.    Adhere to school dress code.

4.    Brain breaks will be given at the end of each class, you can use the restroom, get drinks, snacks, and stretch. During this time you will also be expected to prepare to log into your next class on time.

5.            Keep food and drinks away from your device.

6.            Follow digital etiquette rules.

  •  No cell phones
  •  Only on the screen directed by your teacher
  •  If you need to step away, ask your teacher.
  •  Stay logged in until class is over.
  •  Participate during class.

7. Make sure your device is charged at the start of each day.

8.  STAY POSITIVE, we can do this! We are learning TOGETHER how to navigate this new way of learning.



 Google Classroom Codes


5th Grade Announcements-  bgjpu3j

1st    Period-         nnoqfla

2nd   Period-         iwpkou5

3rd    Period-         y4sluhm

4th    Period-         b2o2ess

5th    Period-         mx5satq

6th    Period-         etoziki


Contact Information:                                                                                                

Melinda Williams

Teacher –Fifth Grade ELA

O'Leary Meece Middle School