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                                               Lesson Plan:                                                      Coach Meece


Long Range Goals:

1. Improve and maintain overall physical fitness

2. Demonstrate basic knowledge of exercise.

3. Integrate some or all the benefits of exercise outlined by program of studies


Short term Goals:

1. Perform skills needed to maintain or improve fitness level.

2. Demonstrate the skills and fitness components needed to be healthy

3. Develop an understanding of basic strategies for developing a fitness plan

4. Discuss and retain benefits of regular exercise, FITT principle, and fitness components.


Academic Expectations:

2.31 Students demonstrate the knowledge and skills they need to remain physically healthy and to accept responsibility for their own physical well-being.

2.34 Students perform physical movement skills effectively in a variety of settings,

2.35 Students demonstrate knowledge and skills that promote physical activity and involvement in physical activity throughout their lives.