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Seventh Grade English/Language Arts  

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Syllabus 2021-2022
Seventh Grade -- Jenny Beasley
Language Arts
Scholastic Scope, The Language Arts Magazine
                               Reading Poetry in the Middle Grades                                      
Common Core Support Coach
Common Core Coach English Language Arts Assessments
Materials Needed: Loose-leaf paper and pencils.  No notebook required.  :)
Concepts/Skills to be covered:
·         Formulating questions and making predictions to guide reading
·         Defining/recognizing genre
·         Describing literary elements in a novel or short story (characterization, setting, plot, theme, point of view)
·         Distinguishing between fact and opinion
·         Identifying an author’s purpose and supporting evidence in a piece
·         Analyzing the relationship between events in a story and a character’s behavior
·         Identifying bias and misinformation
·         Explaining how a conflict in literature is resolved
·         Applying knowledge of organizational patterns to understand a passage
·         Making generalizations and drawing conclusions, and applying them to life
·         Summarizing
·         Identifying literary devices (foreshadowing, imagery, simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole)
·         Identifying cause and effect, comparison, contrast, and sequence in passages
·         Using knowledge of synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms to comprehend a passage
·         Scanning to find key information
·         Skimming to get the general meaning of a passage
·         Identifying words that have multiple meanings and selecting the appropriate meanings
·         Using the meanings of common prefixes and suffixes to comprehend unfamiliar words
·         Reflect on and evaluate what is read in short stories, poems, personal pieces, persuasive pieces, and novels
·         establishing and maintaining a focused purpose to communicate with an audience
·         developing and supporting main ideas through explanation, elaboration, connections, reflections, and strategies appropriate for the form
·         creating unity and coherence by engaging a reader, organizing ideas and support in an order which makes sense to the reader, and using transitions and conclusions effectively
·         creating varied, complete, and correct sentences, being careful to avoid sentence fragments, and purposely varying the structure and length of sentences
·         choosing effective words and using correct grammar
·         demonstrating correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization
·         documenting sources appropriately
 Types of Assignments:
·        Extended Response and Short Answer Questions
·         Comprehension and/or Vocabulary Tests (teacher-chosen texts)
·         Multiple choice questions
Daily Work
·         Small group work and independent assignments 
#1 Goal in this classroom:
To work toward becoming lifelong readers, writers, and learners! 
Please feel free to contact me throughout the year concerning your child’s progress and anything I might be able to do to help your child have a great year!
Meece Middle School: 606-678-5821
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