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My Syllabus

Mrs. Gosser's 7th Grade Mathematics Class



  • Tests – 25 Points
  • Projects/Large Activities – 25 Points
  • Checks/Quizzes – 10 Points
  • Small Assignments – 10 to 20 points*
  • IXL Lessons - 8 points each
  • Interactive Notebook Checks – 5 Points

Grading Scale:

  • A = 90-100
  • B = 80-89
  • C = 70-79
  • D = 60-69
  • F = 59 and below

*This is subject to change at any point throughout the school year. Parents and/or Guardians will be notified as soon as possible. 


What to expect:

This class will be full of collaboration, cooperative learning, hands-on, and project-based math! You will dive into statistics concepts including random sampling, comparing data, making inferences, and creating graphs. Then, we will look at probability and chance processes including independent and dependent probability as well as probability models. Lastly, we will look into geometry with emphasis on angle measures, 2-D shapes, and 3-D objects while using area, circumference, volume, and surface area.

Interactive Notebook and Folder:

All students will keep an Interactive Math Notebook that will stay in the classroom. In addition, students will need to keep a simple, two-pocket folder for additional items that aren’t kept in the composition notebook. Inside this notebook, students will record their bell ringers, notes, and any additional assignments instructed by myself. I check this notebook every other Friday for a 5-point completion grade. This notebook is designed to help with organizational skills and will be very beneficial to students throughout the year. Students should make sure to keep great care of these throughout the year as losing them or destroying them could result in loss of notes and assignments inside them.

Google Classroom: 

All students will have chrome books and a google classroom they will be enrolled in. While math is much easier done with paper and pencil, the classroom is becoming more and more centered around technology! I plan to use google classroom and the digital assignments when I see it is best for the students. A healthy mix of paper/pencil and computer technology will be implemented in my class! Expect all test/quizzes to be online as our end of the year KPREP test is online. 


These checks are randomly spread out and usually wrap up a lesson or specific topic that we finish covering in class. They aren’t on a set day of the week or month but you will know when we will have one. They are normally 10 questions or less and are worth about 10 points. They will also be digital (on google classroom). 


I try my best to give immediate, constructive feedback to all students on their work or spoken verbally. I would hope all students read and/or act on the feedback to help student growth.
Classroom Rules:
Always be respectful!
Always be positive!
Always try your best!


All students are expected to fully participate in class everyday. Students are expected to comment/talk in class discussions and ask questions when necessary. Most importantly, students are expected to fully cooperate in group learning activities with their classmates.


I am very excited to have such a great year! We will learn so much and, most importantly, have so much fun doing it!