Good morning friends! 

Today should have been a very exciting day. This would have been the last Friday before Spring Break and so many of you would have been so excited for the break.  However, fate allowed us an extra long Spring Break this year! 

I suspect a lot of people are feeling some disappointment and maybe even a little grief that things aren’t happening that should be. I’m sure 8th graders are sad that we didn’t get to have the dance. Maybe you’re upset that your family isn’t going on a vacation that you had planned. Maybe you play spring sports and you’re really bummed that your season isn’t happening. You aren’t alone in your feelings. It’s completely normal to feel this way. And while there isn’t much that I can say that will change the way you feel, I do believe that all of this will change you for the better.  I think after all of this passes, we will all be more thankful for the little (and big) things that we have missed out on.   

In today’s good news story, this is for the athletes.  I know at my house, we REALLY miss basketball. At least four NBA basketball players have had Covid 19.  These guys have recovered (which is awesome news!) and they are planning to help with treatment by donating blood.  It makes my heart happy when people do things for the good.

In bonus good news, I LOVE THIS.   It’s a story about a dog who delivers groceries to his neighbor.  You need to see it.

Since next week is Spring Break, I’ll be stepping away from the blog. But rest assured, I’ll be back afterwards. Please continue to take care of yourself.  


Mrs. Keeney