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7th Grade Science Lab Safety Contract

         Science Lab Safety Contract

                                 Mrs. Embry- 7th Grade Science                                 

In the classroom

  • Read ALL directions. Make sure you understand the directions.
  • Listen to your teacher for special safety directions. If you do not understand something, ask for help.
  • Wear safety goggles when your teacher tells you to wear them. Wear them when working with anything that can fly into your eyes or when working with liquids.
  • Wear a safety apron when you work with anything messy or anything that might spill.
  • Wipe up a spill right away or ask your teacher for help.
  • Tell your teacher is something breaks. If glass breaks, DO NOT clean it up yourself.
  • Keep your hair and clothes away from open flames. Tie back long hair and roll up long sleeves.
  • Be careful around a hot plate. Know when it is on and when it is off. Remember that the plate stays hot for a few minutes after it’s turned off.
  • Keep your hands dry around electrical equipment.
  • Don’t eat or drink anything during an experiment.
  • Dispose of things the way your teacher tells you to.
  • Clean up your work area after an activity and wash your hands with soap and water.

In the field

  • Go with a trusted adult—such as your teacher or a parent or guardian.
  • Do not touch animals or plants without an adult’s approval. The animal might bite. The plant might be poison ivy.



  • Treat living things, the environment, and one another with respect.





Safety Contract

I have reviewed these safety rules with my teacher and my parent/guardian.  I agree to follow these rules and any additional instructions, written or verbal, given by the school and/or teacher.


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