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7th Grade Science Accountability Plan

Mrs. Embry’s 7th Grade Science Accountability Plan


Grading Scale

Tests: 100 points
Culminating Activities/Projects: 100 points
Quizzes: Range* 25-50 points
Bell Work: 20 points
Daily Science Weekly Packet: 50 points
Labs: 25-50 points
Assignments: Range* 10-60 points

*This will be determined based on the complexity of the assignment/number of questions.

          This grading scale describes how your grade will be determined in class. You will keep an organized ISN (Interactive Science Notebook) for this class. Inside of the notebook you will record notes, include assignments (unless otherwise instructed by Mrs. Embry), and complete lab activities. You will also keep returned work inside of your ISN (unless otherwise instructed by Mrs. Embry). It is important to keep an organized ISN because it will help you study for tests and help you develop your organizational skills. ISN’s will be checked at the end of each week by Mrs. Embry.

          Assignments/homework is to be turned in on the day that is due unless an arrangement has been made between the student and Mrs. Embry. If the assignment is late, there will be a 10% deduction from the grade (example 30 point assignment, late: -3 points, 27 points would be awarded). If you fail to turn in an assignment, you will receive a 0 for the assignment.

          Extra credit may be earned based on academic need. The student must meet with Mrs. Embry to ask about opportunities for extra credit. Extra Credit will be received through successful completion of enrichment activities offered by the classroom teacher.

          If a student wishes to meet for remediation, I am available in my classroom before school begins each morning and for one hour after school Monday-Thursday. The student can meet during this time to receive extra help or to make up a quiz or test.


Work Requirements

          Work must be written legibly to receive full credit. If I cannot read your handwriting, you will be asked to redo the assignment with a 5% grade deduction. All work must be turned into the specified class tray to be graded. When graded work is returned, the student will keep it in his/her ISN to count towards the notebook check at the end of the week. Returned work with teacher feedback is a great tool to use when studying for tests.



          Feedback will be given on all returned work. This feedback is to help you grow as a student. Graded work will be given back in a timely manner with comments and feedback.



          I prefer that you write with pencil for all assignments. Please make your handwriting neat and “dark” so that it can be easily read. If an issue arises, I will address it with you individually so that together we can work out a plan.



          All students are expected to participate each day in class. Students are expected to complete work efficiently in class and at times, collaborate with others. Students are expected to speak in class discussions and take on roles (leader, “Go-for,” etc.) in group activities and work cooperatively with their classmates. Students will not receive participation based on attendance—if you are here, we want to hear from you.



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