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7th Grade Math Resource

2021 - 2022

Mr. Combs



  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Math Folder (Will remain in classroom)


  • Be Prepared
  • Raise hand when needing to talk and wait silently to be called on.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be positive.


Course Outline:

  • Unit # 1 (Angles)
    • Scale Drawings
    • Vertical Angles
    • Adjacent Angles
    • Complementary Angles
    • Supplementary Angles
    • Writing and solving equations to determine missing angles
    • Identifying triangles


  • Unit # 2 (Area and Perimeter Review)
    • Area of Triangles, Quadrilaterals, and Trapezoids.
    • Perimeter of Triangles, Quadrilaterals, and Trapezoids.
    • Circumference of circle


  • Unit # 3 (Surface Area and Volume)
    • Surface area of multiple 3-d shapes (Prisms, Cones, cylinders)
    • Volume of multiple 3-d shapes (Prisms, Cones, cylinders)
    • Identifying 3-d Shapes
    • Identifying 2-D Shapes made from slicing 3-d Shapes.
  • Unit # 4 (Measures of Center)
    • Mean, Median, Mode, and Range
    • Determining Mean, Median Mode and range from list of numbers
    • Determining Mean, Median Mode and range from a grph
    • Determining Mean, Median Mode and range from a chart
    • Constructing and answering questions from box and whisker plots
    • Constructing frequency tables
  • Unit # 5 (Probability)
    • Theoretical Probability
    • Experimental Probability
    • Sample Space
    • Compound Events
    • Independent and Dependent Events
    • Simulations
    • Random and Non Random Sampling


  • Quizzes (20 Points Each)
  • Test (100 Points at end of each unit)
  • Homework and class assignments (10 Points)
  • If child has two or more zeros on incentive day they will stay in with me to work on their missing assignments.


  • Grading Scale:
  • 100-90      =     A
  • 89-80        =     B
  • 79-70        =     C
  • 69-60        =     D
  • 59-0          =     F

Grading Procedures

  • Students will be given daily grades on bell work.  There will be a grade on each and every homework and class assignment.   In order to receive full credit for your homework, all work must be shown on your paper and mistakes must be corrected as we go over it in class.  Homework is very important.  It helps to reinforce what you have learned in class on a daily basis by giving you time to practice, form ideas, and make connections.  (It is also a safe place to make mistakes.)  Effort to complete homework is always accounted for, so don’t be afraid to try something even if you think you don’t understand.  You will never be penalized for trying and failing on a homework assignment; instead, you will learn from your mistakes. 
  • Homework and class assignments are 10 points each unless stated by the teacher.  There will usually be around 15 to 20 class and homework grades per unit test.  Quizzes are each week to identify if students are understanding materials and identify key areas which need to be reinforced.  These are worth 20 points each.
  • Test are at the end of each unit and will be sent home after students have completed them for parents to look over and sign.  Should be around 5 this year.  These are worth 100 points each.      
  • I do expect work to be completed on time.  It is safe to assume that any assignment I give will be graded.  I do give a lot of grades each nine weeks but missing homework assignments will result in a failing grade.  If you have a legitimate reason for not turning in your homework I will accept a makeup work assignment on special instances. I will accept all homework up to the end of the week for full credit after that you will only be able to attain partial credit for the assignment.  
  • Make-up Work – When you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed and submit your work in a timely manner.  You may ask a classmate from the same class period or your teacher.
  • Any student with two or more zeros on incentive day will not receive their incentive but will remain in class to complete missing assignmentsAny assignment turned in that shows the student put forth effort will be awarded some points so if the student has a zero it is because he or she has not turned in the assignment. 





Students are expected to take ownership in their classroom, participate in activities, ask questions (The only bad question is the one never asked), and give 100% each and every day they are in my classroom.  I expect students to have a positive attitude and always be honest with themselves as well as others. 

Agenda Books

Agenda books are expected to be filled out on a daily basis. All assignments will be recorded by students for parents to refer to daily as weekly lesson plans (which are posted on my webpage prior to the beginning of the week) are subject to change in order to better meet the needs of students. It is especially important that the agenda books are utilized properly in order to communicate between school and home. Doing so will encourage the development of organizational skills as well as student ownership in learning.



Course Definitions:

  • Textbook:  Each student will have access to a textbook.  These books will remain in the classroom.
  • Agenda Book:  Each student will be given an agenda book at the beginning of the year.  Each student is required to write the learning target (I Can Statement) for each class in his/her agenda book.
  • Chapter Test:  Chapter test will be given at the end of each chapter.  These test will be multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer, open response, etc.
  • Quizzes:  Quizzes will be given periodically throughout the year and will be given in many different forms.  Some may be given without any prior notice.



  • 1st   Verbal Warning
  • 2nd Behavioral Infraction Notice
  • 3rd Action Plan
  • 4th Office Referral
  • Extreme Cases:
  • Fighting, Cursing, Disrespect all result in instant office referral and parent contact.


    Missing Assignments:

    Complete Personal Responsibility report when you do not have your assignment.  Through doing this you award yourself another day to complete the assignment.  If this is not completed you will receive a zero without the ability to make up the assignment.  If the assignment isn’t turned in the next day you will receive a zero and the Responsibility report will be filed.  Once you receive three of these in a 9 week period I will contact parents (VIA Letter) and send assignments home.  If assignments are not completed and turned in you will receive a office referral and be expected to complete work during this time. 



Contact Information:

Donnie Combs

Special Education Teacher

Meece Middle School