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English 1 and 2 Syllabus


English I and II  Syllabus

Noella Deaton


Class Description:
In English I and II we will emphasize the continued development of reading (both literary and informational), writing, speaking and listening, and language skills based on Kentucky’s common core standards and college readiness standard.  You will master crucial basic skills of grammar, literature, and public speaking.

English II: also prepare for the state On-Demand Writing assessment; and prepare for the state End of Course (EOC) assessment in English II.

 Classroom Expectations:
Students are expected to come in class ready, responsible, and respectful.

Grading:  You will be graded on daily participation, assignments, quizzes and tests.

“I can” statements:
Each unit will contain “I can” statements that are individual learning goals for students to achieve.

General Learning goals:

  • Students will learn strategies, techniques and tips to help read, interpret and respond to academic, personal, workplace and functional reading.  
  • In addition to writing and grammar skills, students will look at media from which we get our current events including newspapers, magazines and the Internet.   
  • In writing students concentrate on 3 types of texts: Persuasive/Argumentative, Informative/Explanatory, and Narrative.


Unit 1:  Introduction to English 9 and 10 Practicing the Habits of a Lifelong Learner
Unit 2:  Logic and persuasion

Unit 3:  Kinds of Literature

Unit 4: Reading Stories and Information

Unit 5:  Analyzing Literature

Unit 6:  Reading Drama

Unit 7:  Reading Poetry

Unit 8:  Writing

Unit 9:  Research