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Profile of a High Potential Child

Profile of the High Potential Child
Use of Language:  large vocabulary range, precision in word usage and sentence complexity.

Level of Questioning:  questions have more depth than the usual who, what, where and why of the same-age peers; questions show depth of understanding or an unusual level of complexity.

Problem -Solving  Strategies:  Child is persistent, systematic when solving difficult or novel problems; likes a challenge; is able to change thinking strategy if it is not working.

Depth of Information:  Sometimes a child is a profound expert in an area. This may indicate a high level of curiosity, resourcefulness, and understanding.  It also points to an excellent memory.

Breadth of Information:  Sometimes a child is interested in everything; has a variety of interests and excellent long-term memory.

Creativity:  child is original, elaborative, divergent thinker

Sense of Humor:  child demonstrates understanding of higher levels of humor and application of finely developed sense of humor through productions or original jokes, puns, riddles, or through understanding the subtle humor of others. 
Sensitivity:  Child is intensely aware of the needs of others; demonstrates a strong sense of justice.

Absorption/Focus in a Task:  child may become engrossed in a topic to the exclusion of what is going on around him/her

Profound Interest in Existential and Spiritual Questions; child may have a deep, intense concern about life and death and other spiritual issues

Self-Evaluation:  Child seems to have an inner set of standards is self-critical or impatient with his/her ability from time to time; may be sensitive

Preference for Complexity or Novelty:  Child may prefer to work on tasks that are difficult, unusual or challenging, rather than on simple ones.

Analytical Thinking:  child is able to discern components of a whole; strives to determine relationships and patterns in procedures, experiences, ideas and objects

Ability to Synthesize, Interpret, and Imaging:  Child is able to integrate prior knowledge and use advanced logical reasoning skills to arrive at answers; may become emotionally attached to topics of great interest.