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Categories of Gifted and Talented Students

1. General Intellectual Ability :  Student whose general intellectual development is significantly accelerated in relation to chronological peers.  This student is an observant, inquisitive, intense, independent thinker.  He/she gets excited about new ideas, has a high level of vocabulary, memory, abstract word knowledge, and abstract reasoning.  In solving a problem, a larger than expected proportion of time is spent thinking "around' the problem rather than solving it.  This student is excellent at making connections between what is currently being learned and previous learning, and has a large storehouse of information.

2.  Specific Academic:  Student who consistently functions at highly advanced levels in a particular subject area.  This student has the tendency to "eat, drink and sleep" a subject until all that can be learned about is learned.  He/she has an intense drive to master a domain of knowledge and be recognized as "the expert."  This student has the remarkable ability to focus on a task, and rapid, extraordinary ability to retain new information in that area with little obvious effort.

3.Leadership: A student possesses either potential or demonstrated ability to perform at an exceptionally high level in social skills and interpersonal qualities.  He/she sets goals and organizes others to successfully reach those goals.  He/she is highly motivated with a need to succeed.  This student possesses a high level of tenacity when it comes to areas of interest. 

Creative/Productive: Student who characteristically perceives significant similarities or differences within the environment, challenges assumptions, and produces unique alternative solutions.  This student has a keen sense of humor, is expressive, original, unconventional, imaginative, and resourceful.  He/she is an independent thinker who does not mind being different.  This student is a risk taker and is uninhibited in expressions of opinion.  this student produces unique products.

5.  Visual or Performing Arts:  Student possesses either potential or demonstrated ability to perform at an exceptionally high level in the visual or performing arts.  He/she demonstrates the potential for outstanding aesthetic production, accomplishment, or creativity in visual art, dance, music or drama.  This student has outstanding sense of spatial relationships, tends to be very observant and has good motor coordination.  He/she has unusual ability in expressing self, feeling, moods, etc. through dance, drama, music or visual arts.  This student has a keen desire to produce his or her "own product" and is not content in mere copying.