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Identification Process for General Intellectual and Specific Academic

Gifted and Talented Formal Identification Process for Students in Grades 4-12. 
(General Intellectual and Specific Academic Areas)

The identification process is based on 704 KAR 3:285.

The process listed below is for General Intellectual.  The other academic areas of identification have similar steps related specifically to that area.  Students must meet criteria on step 1 to proceed to step 2.  Students must meet criteria on three of the identification tools in steps 1 and steps 2. 

Step 1 Eligibility Identification Procedure:
Students must score in the 96th percentile (or better) on a normed reference test.  

Specific Academic:  TWO Scores of 96% or above on MAP Assessments in the specific area in a calendar year test cycle. 
Step 2 of the Identification Procedure: 
Profiles are created on students meeting criteria in Step 1.  
               One or more of these tools will be considered.
                                   * Teacher Checklist Information Form Score (96% of consistent skills indicated)
                                   * MAP Scores(Three or more content areas in the 96th percentile for GI)
                                   * Continuous Progress ( A composite score of 96% or above on the most                       
                                       recent end of year grades. We have defined composite as the mean of 
                                       language arts, math, science and social studies.)
                                    * Anecdotal Records (Teacher Records/Checklist and Information Form)
                                    * Student work that consistently substantiates general intellectual/specific academic gifteness.  

Step 3:  : The Gifted Education Selection and Placement Committee will meet to analyze the data.  The committee will decide if criteria has been met to qualify for a gifted plan or may request additional data for consideration and re-evaluation.  Once a student qualifies for a GT plan the committee will establish service options (minimum of two) to develop a Gifted Student Service Plan.   

* Students are eligible for formal identification in grades 4-12.  Once a students recieves a GSSP, the plan stays in effect until graduation from high school.  Additions to current GSSP's can be made at any time upon a student meeting the criteria.