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Primary Talent Pool Identification

Somerset Independent Primary Talent Pool Program per 704 KAR 3:285

The PrimaryTalent Pool (PTP) means a group of primary students (K-3) INFORMALLY  selected as having characteristics and behaviors of high potential learners.  Although the PTP falls under the gifted and talented regulations, a targeted students does NOT mean the student will be identified for the gifted program. Students in grade 4-12 are identified through FORMAL identification procedures and per regulation)


INFORMAL identification evidence may include:  student portfolio, checklist of skills, diagnostic testing, continuous progress, anecdotal records, formal tests, parent inventories, and/or primary committee.  * A student must have a minimum of three forms of evidence to support high potential.  Areas may be academic, leadership, creativity and/or visual/performing arts.


Once identified for the PTP, a student remains in the area until the end of grade 3.