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Identification Process for Leadership

Gifted and Talented Formal Identification Process for Students in Grades 4-12.

The identification process is based on 704 KAR 3:285.
Step 1:  Eligibility Identification Procedure:  These students are identified on the basis of informal measures that may include demonstrated leadership roles, sociograms, observations of leadership, product/portfolio review, and/or self-reflections.  Students must meet a minimum criteria on three of the identification tools. 
Screening for leadership:  This criterion must be met in order to continue the screening process.
  •          Teacher Checklist and Information Form:  Student must score a minimum of 27 points or 96th percentile.

Step 2 of the Identification Procedure: 

  •        Student Self-Rating Checklist and Information Form:  students will complete this form.
  •        ONE of the following identification tools wil be considered.
    • Parent Checklist for Leadership Potential
    • Offices held by student
    • School Leadership Programs
    • Community Service Leadership Checklist and Information Form

Step 3: : The Gifted Education Selection and Placement Committee will meet to analyze the data.  The committee will decide if criteria has been met to qualify for a gifted plan or may request additional data for consideration and re-evaluation.  Once a student qualifies for a GT plan the committee will establish service options (minimum of two) to develop a Gifted Student Service Plan.   

* Students are eligible for formal identification in grades 4-12. Once a students recieves a GSSP, the plan stays in effect until graduation from high school. Additions to current GSSP's can be made at any time upon a student meeting the criteria.