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Lesson #18 Jan. 11

Making Meter                        Purple/Gold Wk.                                                 Lesson#: 18

Name: Kevin Holmes

Date Scheduled: 1/11/21

Lesson Length: 60 min

School: Hopkins

Grade: k - 4th

# of Students:  28/31

Subject: Music

Topic: Meter

 Unit Length:   2 of 4 wks.




Objective:                                                                                                         Day: 3

Students will visually create various examples of 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4 meter.

Students will play the various meters using a rubber ball and their hands.


“I can identify meter”.  “I can make meter using a ball and my hands.”                    DOK: 1, 2         


Thoughtful Ed:  Questioning in Style…pg 67


Targeted Standards:  

Arts and Humanities: 

AH-E.1.1.31  Rhythm: meter (duple, triple), time (meter) signature (2/4, 3/4, 4/4), bar lines, rhythmic durations (whole, half, quarter, and 8th notes and rests), fermata  

AH-E.1.1.32  Tempo: slow, fast. 



New Learning:  meter, reinforcement of time signature and physical execution.


Materials/Resources Needed:

1 large size rubber ball, CD & Video examples of Common time and a Waltz. Electronic Piano.



I.  Opening Procedure:   Assign New Gold Chair seating chart.

                                      Read “I can statements to students”.


II. Main lesson:             Answer the 3 guiding questions on the board using character voices.

                                    What is meter?                      An element of music that puts the beats into groups.

                                    How do you make meter?                              By adding an accent to the first beat.

                                    What tool do you need to make meter?                                          Time Signature


                                    Demonstrate meters listed above using electronic piano and body rhythms. 

                                    Students use body rhythms to make meter.  Legs = beat 1.  Hands = beat 2.

                                    Use the strong/weak technique.


                                    Students will have a CD analysis of meter using body rhythms and movement.

                                    Students will have a Video analysis of meter using body rhythms.                                              

III. Activity:                    Bouncing Meter Game for 2nd, 3rd & 4th Gr.        Rolling Meter for K – 1st.

                                    Interject tempo variances when needed.

                                    Use a ball for the students to use to recreate the meter and rhythm.

                                    Main grouping beat:      Ball hits ground 

                                    Weak beats:                  Hands slapping side of ball.


                                    Students pass and slap the ball via the meter:

                                                2/4 Bounce pass, hit side of ball once……......pass back to partner

                                                3/4 Bounce pass, hit side of ball twice………...pass back to partner

                                                4/4 Bounce pass, hit side of ball three times….pass back to partner

5/4 Bounce pass, hit side of ball four times…..pass back to partner.


Assessment Type:

Performance based:  Proper creation and execution of meter using a ball, hands and body rhythms.