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Lesson #10 Oct. 26

Appalachian Halloween Music                                                                            Lesson #10

Name: Kevin Holmes

Date Scheduled: 10-26-20

Lesson Length: 50min

School: Hopkins

Grade: k - 4

# of Students:    20 - 22

Subject: Music

Topic: Appalachian Theatrical        Music

 Unit:           Wk. 3 of 3

Objective:                                                                                                             Day: 1

To expose the students to Appalachian Music of Jean Ritchie.

     “I can play the autoharp using a drone rhythm.”

     “I can recreate a folktale using pantomime.”


Thoughtful Ed:  Thoughtful Ed: Tools for Promoting Active, In-Dept Learning 2nd Ed. Pg. 107 Memory- Visualizing.  I will use musical effects/expression and props to aide as a memory key.


Targeted Standards:  

Arts and Humanities: 


AH-E-1.1.12  Create simple melodic or rhythmic accompaniments to given melodies.  

AH-E-1.1.22   Perform simple rhythmic, melodic, or chordal patterns on classroom instruments. 

AH-E-1.1.23  Sing rote melodies accurately.  

AH-E-1.2.31  Identify similarities and differences in musical elements used in the music of Native American, American Folk, and West African cultures, including instruments unique to each culture. 

AH-E-3.1.41  Create and perform using creative dramatics (improvisation, mimicry, pantomime, role playing, and storytelling). 

AH-E-3.1.42  Create a performance using the elements of production representing specific cultures, periods, and styles (folktales, myths and legends of West Africa, Native America, and Colonial America). 



3rd  &  4th Grade will re create the song "Skin & Bones" by Jean Ritchie.

K – 2nd    Grade will re create the song  “Pumpkin Stew”.


Materials/Resources Needed:

Jean Ritchie Record, Autoharp, Witches Hat, Broom, Masks, Sound Generator Module & Guitar.



Kinder – 4th:

            I. Opening Procedures:              Call Role

                                                              Introduce the students to Jean Ritchie:

                                                                        Appalachian Background, Dulcimer

                                                                        Listen to:  I See the Moon


           II. Main Lesson:                         Define folktale and ballad song style, Discuss the effects of

                         the Appalachian Mountains on music.

                                                Define Pantomime

                                                Define Drone               


III. Students Recreate the Folktale through Song………”Skin and Bones” or “Pumpkin Stew”

         Students will:    play the Autoharp using a drone accompaniment

                                            play the sound generator for special sound effects.

                                            use basic elements of drama to retell the story.

                                                            Acting, Props, Costumes, Set, Special Effects,


Performance Based:  Formative Assessment with instant feedback: 

            Students will demonstrate correct technique to play the autoharp.

            Students will recreate the story using the elements of theater.