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Lesson #7 Oct. 5

Harmony:  Stacking Pitches                                                                                   Lesson #7


Name: Kevin Holmes

Date Scheduled: 10/5/20

Lesson Length:  50 min.

School: Hopkins

Grade: K - 4th

# of Students:     28

Subject: Music

Topic: Harmony

Unit Length:       Wk. 2 of 3



I.  Objectives:   

     A.  Students will be able to build basic musical triads using letter blocks and the soprano bells.

     B.  Ky. Standards:  MU: Pr. K- 4 4.2 element of music.         

     C.  I can statement:          “I can build triads using Letter Blocks, Bean Bags and Soprano Bells.”

     D.  Thoughtful Ed:              Tools for Promoting: Memory Aides:  “1, 3, 5”



II.  Materials/Resources Needed:

     A.  Two sets of soprano bells.

     B.  Major, Minor DVD.

     C.  Two sets of ABC letter blocks.



III.  Lesson/Procedure:


     A.  Procedures:

                        1.  Opening Procedures:  call role, brain warm up, recite the elements of music mantra.

                        2.  Define Harmony and the various qualities. 

                        3.  Watch “Major, Minor” DVD.

                        4.  Demonstrate the triad stacking process

                        5.  Explain the rules to the activity game:  Triad Race.



 B.  Building Triads Assessment Activity:  “Triad Race”


             Kinder –  4th:   


            1. Divide class into two teams.

            2. One member from each team races each other by building the correct triad from a

                        given note……..winning team gets one point.

            3. Both members has a chance to play the correct triad on the soprano bells.  If both play

                        It right then each gets a point.  If only one plays it right then only that team earns

                        the point.

            4.  The team with the most points when class is over wins.