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Lesson #1 Aug. 24

Classroom Procedures / Pitch Recognition/Online                                          Lesson #1


Name: Kevin Holmes

Date Scheduled: 8/24 /20

Lesson Length:  50 min.

School: Hopkins

Grade: K - 4th

# of Students:     28

Subject: Music

Topic: Class Rules / Pitch

Unit Length:       Wk. 1 of 3


I.  Objective:      Establish classroom routines for a learning environment.

     A.  Discuss and practice the following procedures:  

1.  Hallway line up.

2.  Entering the room.

3.  Thumb Rule, Nose and Toes Poem, How to raise your hand?

4.  Time Out Procedure

5.  Grading Scale

6.  Fire Drill and Tornado Drill

7.  Discuss pre-test  procedures  with 4th grade.       


     B.  Aural Pitch Assessment Activity.

     C.  I statement:          I can demonstrate proper classroom rules and procedures.

     D.  Thoughtful Ed:              Tools for Promoting: Class Energizers pg. 186 …my version:  “Teacher Says”



II.  Materials/Resources Needed:

     A.  Two Hand Chimes A-2, A-1, and A Small, blind fold & darken goggles, marker board, Pitch DVD


III.  Lesson/Procedure:

     A.  All grades k – 4th will practice the above mentioned procedures.

                        1.  Classroom routine: 

     Opening procedures      call role, brain warm up, recitation of elements,

                                    word of the day, main topic and

                                    musical activity

                        2.  Discuss the rule.

                        3.  Demonstrate the rule.

                        4.  Practice the rule via theatrical elements:  Pantomime and storytelling.


     B.  Pitch Recognition Assessment Activity:

                        * All students will use water flutes to create various examples of pitches as a lead in

                                                Activity, Focus on air and water interaction.

             Kinder –  4th:

 Define pitch.

 Watch Animation DVD on Pitch:  High, Low

 Pitch recognition exercise:  Students hold hands up high when I play a high pitch.

                                          Students hold hands down low when I play a low pitch.


 Students will be taught the lyrics & pitches in a call and response style to:  “Hello There”

 Students will sing the song as a group.

 Students will Pantomime the lyrics.


 2nd, 3rd & 4th  Grades :  Optional

Students will find the correct pitch aurally while being blind folded.  Two students who have    hand chimes circle around the blind folded student.  Hand chime students stop walking after 10 seconds.  Blind folded student has to point to the correct pitch ( High or Low ) that he is asked to remember. Teacher leads activity to gradually build up intensity.


As the students play I will assess their ability to differentiate between high and low pitches.