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Thank You Mouse

 I would like to thank:

     The students for their willingness to keep learning in new ways.
     The parents and guardians for their guidance and help during these difficult times.
     The teachers for their dedication to the students.
     The school leadership for designing and implementing the NTI program.
     The IT tech team for keeping the online learning going.
     The school support staff secretaries, cooks, custodians, maintinance and bus drivers.


When we look back and wonder "How did we get through this?" here is one possible answer.

     The love for our children.
     The love for our students.
     The love for others around us.
     The love of learning.
     The love for our school.
     The love for our city, state and country.


     Yes....We Can Get Through This Together!
     Through love and cooperation anything is possible.


In the words of John Lennon   "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE." !