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Lesson 25 Feb. 17

Rhythm Bean Bag Toss                                                                                     Lesson #25

Name: Kevin Holmes

Date Scheduled: 2/17/20

Lesson Length:  50min

School: Hopkins

Grade: k - 4th

# of Students:    28/31

Subject: Music

Topic: Rhythm Icons/ Values

Unit length:        2 of 4 wks.






Each student will demonstrate the correct rhythm icon name and value.


            “I can name rhythm icons and play their value….whole, dotted half, half & quarter notes.”


Thoughtful Ed. Tools for Thoughtful Assessment, pg. 197 Performance Task Designer


Targeted Standards:  

Arts and Humanities: 

AH-E.1.1.31  Rhythm: meter (duple, triple), time (meter) signature (2/4, 3/4, 4/4), bar lines, rhythmic durations (whole, half, quarter, and 8th notes and rests), fermata  



New Learning


Materials/Resources Needed:

Bean Bags, Floor Tape, CDs


Technology Needed:

Midi keyboard, Sound Module and Metronome.




            I  Opening Procedure:             Rap the Role using the student names as rhythm examples.

                                                            Class pass- around using flash cards and bean bags.

                                                            Class mantra chants.

                                                            Perform rhythms on marimba or piano.


            II. Main Lesson:                       Define Rhythm.

                                                            Draw examples of Whole, Dotted Half ,Half Notes & rests.

                                                            Demonstrate their value using bean bags, marimba and piano.


            III. Reinforcing Activity:             Rhythm Bean Bag Toss

                                                            Week Two:  ‘Whole, Dotted Half & Half Notes”


                                                            Students placed in teams of two.  Seated behind two lines three

                                                            Floor blocks apart.  Teacher writes a rhythm example.  

                                                            Teams determine their value.  Teams have to toss the

                                                            Bean bags to match the rhythm example without dropping it..

                                                            Teams stay in the game if done correctly. 

            Distance and Rhythm examples become more difficult.

                                                            Tempo increases throughout the game.


Assessment Type:

Performance based:      Demonstration of Bean Bag Toss with the correct value.

                                      Perform rhythms on marimba or piano.


Written:      Rhythm Icon Work Sheet…….students draw, name and place the correct counts for each icon.