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Lesson 19 Jan.6

Dr. King & Making Meter   ___                  ___                                                    Lesson#: 19

Name: Kevin Holmes

Date Scheduled: 1/6/20

Lesson Length: 60 min

School: Hopkins

Grade: k - 4th

# of Students:  28/31

Subject: Music

Topic: Meter

 Unit Length:   1 of 4 wks.




Objective:                                                                                                         Day: 4

Students will visually create various examples of 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4 meter.

Students will use various rhythm icons within the meters.

Students will play the various meters and rhythms using a rubber ball.


            “I can create different examples of meter”                        DOK: 1,2          


Thoughtful Ed:  Questioning in Style…pg 67


Targeted Standards:  

Arts and Humanities: 

AH-E.1.1.31  Rhythm: meter (duple, triple), time (meter) signature (2/4, 3/4, 4/4), bar lines, rhythmic durations (whole, half, quarter, and 8th notes and rests), fermata  

AH-E.1.1.32  Tempo: slow, fast. 



New Learning:  meter, reinforcement for rhythm icon values and physical execution.

Materials/Resources Needed:

Q-tips, straws, 1 large size rubber ball, CD of Dr. Kings “I Have A Dream Speech”, Protest CD,



            I.  Opening Procedure:   Call the role using protest songs of faith and hope.

                                                Listen to:  “I Have A Dream”.  Find music words used in the speech.

                                                                 Discuss the use and meaning of those words.


                                                                “Free at Last”…define the style spiritual.

                                                                “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around”


                                                K – 1st:     Sing and play tambourine to “Sing About Martin” using Melodic



                                                2nd – 4th:   Rap the song “Sing About Martin”. Connection to Style Unit.



            II. Main lesson:            Define meter.  Define the role of the top and bottom number

                                               Demonstrate various examples of meter.

                                                Hand out building materials, students build various examples as given

                                                            from the board.  Q tips = beats, straws = measure lines

                                                            Q tips can also be used to sculpt rhythm icons.


            III. Activity:                    For 3rd/4th grades:               Interject tempo variances when needed.

                                                Use a ball for the students to use to recreate the meter and rhythm.

                                                Main grouping beat:  Ball hits ground 

Weak beats :             Hands slapping side of ball.

                                                Students pass and slap the ball via the meter:

                                                2/4 Bounce pass, hit side of ball once…..pass back to partner

                                                3/4 Bounce pass, hit side of ball twice…..pass back to partner

                                                4/4 Bounce pass, hit side of ball thrice….pass back to partner

5/4 Bounce pass, hit side once, bounce pass back to partner who slaps


                                                For K – 2nd:

                                                Same as above but they roll and slap the ball.


Assessment Type:

Performance based:  Proper creation and execution of meter using Q tips and a ball.