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Lesson 18 Dec. 16

Musical Styles of Christmas & Xmas Play Prep                                                           Lesson #18

Name: Kevin Holmes

Date Scheduled: 12/16/19

Lesson Length: 50 min.

School: Hopkins

Grade: k- 4th

# of Students:    28/31

Subject: Music

Topic: Style

Unit:  Wk. 2 of 3


Objective:                                                                                                                                 Day: 4

Each student will identify various musical styles via their unique characteristics.

                “I can identify different styles of music.”

                “I can keep a steady beat and play a syncopation rhythm.”


Thoughtful Ed:  Performance Task Designer, pg. 197 Tools for Thoughtful Assessment.

Targeted Standards:  

Arts and Humanities: 

AH-E-1.1.38  Identify and discuss simple musical forms (see list under elements) 

AH-E-1.2.32  Identify and discuss various styles of music (blues, spirituals, popular, rock, rap, country, game songs, folk songs, work songs, lullabies, marches, patriotic, bluegrass). 



New Learning

Materials/Resources Needed:

CD examples, Tempo Blocks, Triangles, Sleigh Bells, Jingle Stick


Lesson/Procedure:                               Holiday Play: “Elfis & The Sleigh Riders” this week.

3rd & 4th Grade:

Opening Procedures:                         Call Role, Brain Warm Up

                                                           Class reads “I can statement”, Define “Styles of Music”.


Main Lesson:                                        Define the word Style.

                                                                Teacher guided analysis of each style and its traits via CD ex.

     Use instrumentation, song form and special traits for analysis.

     Use pantomime when possible to reinforce traits.

      Use various Xmas songs for listening examples.

      Point out compositional form techniques used when applicable.


Styles to be analyzed:

    Big Band Swing                   walking bass, swing rhythm

    Rap                                         poetic rhymes

    Country Western                  horse rhythms

                            Theatrical Music                  blend of musical/ nonmusical elements

                            Yiddish                                   minor keys and tempo changes


3rd Grade will rehearse pitches, rhythms and lyrics for the Holiday Musical:


                                ”Elfis and the Sleigh Riders. ”

                                Songs include:      We are Santa’s Elves, Uh-HUH-HUH, Rock N Roll Snowman  and

                                                                North Pole Rock N Roll.


Kinder – 2nd Grade:

Opening Procedures:                         Call Role, Brain Warm up using a riddle poem using “Must Be Santa”.  

Main Lesson:                                      Define the word Style. Identify  the traits of each.

                                                           Play from CD and Pantomime:

           Swing Style………………………walking bass, swing rhythm

           Shout Style ……………loud group response within the song


                Students perform “Must Be Santa” using tempo blocks, sleigh bells and triangles.

                Students will play a steady beat using the tempo blocks and musical notation…..quarter notes.

                Students will perform the correct syncopation rhythm on the sleigh and jingle bells.


                Students will also sing songs of the Hebrew culture, play tambourine and dance a traditional circle dance to

                                                “Eight Days and Nights” and “Hanukkah”.


Assessment Type:

Informative:                          Class survey and pantomime participation

Performance Based:          Student participation and execution of stylistic rhythms.