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Lesson 15 Nov. 25

American Indian Music                                                                                       Lesson #15 

Name: Kevin Holmes

Date Scheduled: 11-25-19

Lesson Length: 50 min.

School: Hopkins

Grade: k - 4th

# of Students:  28/31

Subject: Music

Topic: Native American Indian Music

Unit Length:  Wk. 4 of 4




Objective:                                                                                                                     Day:   2 

Students will play Native American Indian instruments demonstrating correct chant rhythms. 

Students will be able to identify Native American Indian instruments.


Targeted Standards:  

Arts and Humanities: 

AH-E-1.2.31  Identify similarities and differences in musical elements used in the music of Native American, American Folk, and West African cultures, including instruments unique to each culture. 


“I can name three Native American Indian Instruments.”  “I can play a Mono Rhythm.”

“I can recreate an Indian Stick Game.”  “I can name two reasons why Native American Indians used



Thoughtful Ed: Tools for Promoting Active, In-Dept Learning 2nd Ed. Pg. 109 -  Memory Sentence.

                         I will use a mantra chant while students play the mono rhythm.

                                    “Mono rhythm, one sound, one heart, one tribe, one world”           



New Learning, Re-creation of game, music and culture.


Materials/Resources Needed:

Bull Roarer, Circle Drum, Paute Sticks, Lummi Sticks, Reed Flute, Gourd Shakers and Native American CD


Lesson/Procedure:                           Ask “Why Indians used music….?” during demonstrations.

            I.  Opening Procedures:          Call role using Indian names for the students,

                                                            Review the purpose of music: ceremonial, artist expression

                                                                        and recreation. 

                                                            Why did Native American Indians use music?


                                                            Students create mono rhythm using shakers, jingles, rattles and

                                                                        tom  tom.

              II. Main Lesson:                      Demonstrate the following Native American Indian Instruments                                                                                                 Hand drum, Circle Drum, Reed Flute, Bull Roarer

                                                                        Format of an Indian Song

                                                             Honor Beat, Lead, 2nd Lead, Chorus, Straight Beats,          

                                                            Step Up, Tail….(Ending with Straight Beats)                


                                                             Discuss the specific use of each within the culture with a focus

                                                                  on Ceremonial Music, Artistic Expression and Recreation.


                                                             Re-enact the legend of the 1st Flute.


            III. Activity:                                Kinder – 2nd:     Sings “Sunset with hand signs”.

           Students perform the Indian Stick Game “Paute” while others

                                                            play shakers, drums, rhythm sticks using typical Indian

                                                             monophonic rhythms in 4/4 time.



                                                            Students perform the Indian Stick Game “Lummi Sticks”.

                                                            Students play shakers, drums, rhythm Sticks using typical Indian

                                                                   rhythms in a meter of 3/4 time.

                                                            Students improve eye-hand coordination via the activity.


Assessment Type:

Performance based activity:  rhythms embedded in activity and instruments.