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Lesson 11 Oct. 28

Appalachian Halloween Music                                                                            Lesson #11

Name: Kevin Holmes

Date Scheduled: 10-28-19

Lesson Length: 50min

School: Hopkins

Grade: k - 4

# of Students:    28/31

Subject: Music

Topic: Appalachian Theatrical        Music

 Unit:           Wk. 3 of 3

Objective:                                                                                                             Day: 3

To expose the students to Appalachian Music of Jean Ritchie.

     “I can play the autoharp using a drone rhythm.”

     “I can recreate a folktale using pantomime.”


Thoughtful Ed:  Thoughtful Ed: Tools for Promoting Active, In-Dept Learning 2nd Ed. Pg. 107 Memory- Visualizing.  I will use musical effects/expression and props to aide as a memory key.


Targeted Standards:  

Arts and Humanities: 

AH-E-1.1.12  Create simple melodic or rhythmic accompaniments to given melodies.  

AH-E-1.1.22   Perform simple rhythmic, melodic, or chordal patterns on classroom instruments. 

AH-E-1.1.23  Sing rote melodies accurately.  

AH-E-1.2.31  Identify similarities and differences in musical elements used in the music of Native American, American Folk, and West African cultures, including instruments unique to each culture. 

AH-E-3.1.41  Create and perform using creative dramatics (improvisation, mimicry, pantomime, role playing, and storytelling). 

AH-E-3.1.42  Create a performance using the elements of production representing specific cultures, periods, and styles (folktales, myths and legends of West Africa, Native America, and Colonial America). 



3rd  &  4th Grade will re create the song "Skin & Bones" by Jean Ritchie.

K – 2nd    Grade will re create the song  “Pumpkin Stew”.


Materials/Resources Needed:

Jean Ritchie Record, Autoharp, Witches Hat, Broom, Masks, Sound Generator Module & Guitar.



Kinder – 4th:

            I. Opening Procedures:              Call Role

                                                            Introduce the students to Jean Ritchie:

                                                                        Appalachian Background, Dulcimer

                                                                        CD Analysis:  “Dem Bones & Popcorn Ball”

                                                                         Poem Analysis:

                                                                                       Look for Stanza Rhythm in “Guess Who”.


              II. Main Lesson:                         Define folktale and ballad song style, Discuss the effects of

                              the Appalachian Mountains on music.

                                                Define Pantomime

                                                Define Drone               

. Students Recreate the Folktale through Song………”Skin and Bones” or “Pumpkin Stew”

         Students will:    play the Autoharp using a drone accompaniment

                                            play the sound generator for special sound effects.

                                            use basic elements of drama to retell the story.

                                                            Acting, Props, Costumes, Set, Special Effects.


Performance Based:  Formative Assessment with instant feedback: 

                                  Students will demonstrate correct technique to play the autoharp.

                                 Students will recreate the story using the elements of theater.