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Lesson 8 Sept. 30

Cultural Music & Multi Culture Day Friday                                                                   Lesson # 8

Name: Kevin Holmes

Date Scheduled: 9/30/19

Lesson Length: 50 min.

School: Hopkins

Grade: k -4th

# of Students:  28/31

Subject: Music

Topic: Multicultural Music

National Hispanic Month



To expose students to music, dance and traditions of Latino Culture.


Targeted Standards:  

Arts and Humanities: 

AH-E-1.1.22   Perform simple rhythmic, melodic, or chordal patterns on classroom instruments. 

AH-E.1.1.25   Recognize and demonstrate the relationship between elements of music and expressive qualities of movement (e.g., tiptoeing to illustrate quiet music).  

AH-E-1.2.32  Identify and discuss various styles of music (blues, spirituals, popular, rock, rap, country, game songs, folk songs, work songs, lullabies, marches, patriotic, bluegrass). 


“I can recreate the correct dance moves for “Mexican Hat Dance”.

“I can play a Clave and Cha Cha Rhythms on Bongos, Maracas and Cabasa.

“I can demonstrate the basic steps to the Cha Cha.



Thoughtful Ed:       Tools for Promoting:     Class Energizers pg. 186 ... language greetings.



School Wide Event:  Multi Culture Day and Parade on Friday.



New Learning


Materials/Resources Needed:

CDs, Electronic Globe, DVD player, Bass Marimbas, Castanets, Sombrero, Claves, Bongos, Cabasa,

Congas, Pan Flute, Frog Rasp, Castanets and Coloring Sheets.


Technology Needed:

Electronic Globe, Microsoft Encarta, Interactive Smart Board




            I.  Opening Procedure:   Call Role using Spanish Greetings and phrases. State Goals for the Day,


            II. Main Lesson:            Demonstrate Clave and Cha Cha Rhythm.

                                                Students Clap the Clave and Cha Cha Rhythm.

                                                Demonstrate other cultural instruments listed above.

                                                Listen to examples of instruments and styles.

                                                Instruments include:  Harp, Guitar and Pan Flute.


            III. Main Activity:            Students play the Clave and Cha Cha Rhythm along with CD track.

                                                Students dance the Cha Cha step.        


                                                Students will perform the “Hat” Dance and play castanets using a two                                                                beat answer pattern.



Assessment Type:

Formative:  Performance Based             Student participation, correct rhythm and dance step execution.