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How the Penguins Saved Xmas! Dec. 20, 2018

How the Penguins Saved Xmas title page


Santas elves back stage 2018

Elves back stage



reindeer back stage 2018

Reindeer back stage


Penguins and choir 2018

Penguins and Elves sing "Who Can The Stranger Be?"


emperor penguin helps santa 2018

Santa gets help to regain his memory.  


Real santa enters for reading

The real Santa enters the stage for the reading of "Twas The Night Before Christmas".


Songs performed:
We are Santa's Elves, This Elegant Christmas, Who Can The Stranger Be?, Who Me? North Pole Rock N Roll!

After the performance there was:
                           a reading of "Twas The Night Before Christmas"
                           a school wide sing along
                           surprise performance by 4th grade teachers, specialist teachers, principal and assistant principal
                                of a comic version of "The 12 Days of Christmas".......from a teachers perspective.


Support Staff:

Art Teacher:                            Mrs. Hines
Music Teacher;                        Mr. Holmes
PE Teacher:                            Mrs. Waddle
Computer Teacher:                 Mrs. Adkins

Guest Stage Director:             Mrs. Tarter
Guest Sound & Light Tech:     Mr. Andy

Back Stage and other Show Needs:                        
All the 3rd Teachers:               Mrs. Brooks, Mrs. Criswell, Mrs. Drake, Mrs. Helton, Mrs. Prather