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The music class is setup using the following mini components:

Opening Procedures:   

Role Call, Brain Warmup, Class Recitations,
Treasure Hunts, Puzzle Poems, Creative Story Telling and  Sign Language.

Main Lesson:              Core Content Topic  

Depth Of Knowledge:  Level 1 and 2 



Musical Activities:     

Singing, playing instruments, hands on manipulatives, role playing,reenactments, dancing, puppetry and musical games.

 Activities reinforce the core content lesson.

Various Assessments: 

Written, Skill Performance, Participation, Special Projects, Listening Analysis.





  • Welcome Back!Welcome Back!

    Welcome back to in person school.  Remember to wear your mask, wash your hands and stay 6 feet apart.  Check your purple and gold day schedule so you know which day you come to school.  I am so excited to see you back!

  • Google Classroom Sign Up Begins July 27, 2020Google Classroom Sign Up Begins July 27, 2020

    All students need to join in my music class for on line learning through google classroom.  This is for both NTI Days and On Line Learning students. Please sign up as soon as possible.    

    There are instructions in the google classroom folder on this web page.

  • Jan. 6 - 24, 2020 Dr. King & Rosa Parks UnitJan. 6 - 24, 2020 Dr. King & Rosa Parks Unit

    3rd and 4th graders  will listen to the great speech "I Have A Dream" and discuss Dr. Kings use of musical words to describe people.  K - 2nd grade will sing songs that honor Dr. King and Rosa Parks.

    "Sing About Martin"
    "Come On Up"

    Students will watch a power point presentation on Rosa Parks and Dr. King and the equal rights movement.  They will listen to: "Keep Your Eyes on the Prize" and "Ain't Nobody Gonna Turn Me Around".

  • Dec. 20, 2019 Elfis and the Sleigh Riders.Dec. 20, 2019 Elfis and the Sleigh Riders.

    The 3rd Grade will begin working on their music for the Holiday Play "Elfis And The Sleigh Riders".

    Please help the students memorize their lyrics.
    Homeroom teachers will send home other important show information.

    The performance is Friday Dec. 20, 2019 at SHS in WB Jones Auditorium.

  • November is Native American Indian Music.November is Native American Indian Music.

    During the month of November we will be learning about Native American Indian Music.  We will be learning about mono rhythms, various native instruments and stick games. If you know of any dance troupes please let me know.  Also be on the look out for little braves on the war path.

  • Extra Credit Paper Due Mar. 27Extra Credit Paper Due Mar. 27

    The "Create Your Own Robot" work sheet if due Mar. 27, 2020.
    Remember:  Box #1: Draw a robot using only rhythm icons such as Whole, Half, Dotted Half and Quarter Notes.  Use the value chart to determine the power strength of your robot.  

    Box #2:  Design a creature to fight.

    Box #3:  Draw the battle and determine the setting.

  • Dec. 20, 2018 Holiday MusicalDec. 20, 2018 Holiday Musical

    The 3rd grade students will perform a Holiday Musical called "How the Penguins Saved Christmas!" by Teresa Jennings.  The performance will begin at 9:00am in WB Jones Auditorium.  After the performance their will be a reading of "Twas The Night Before Christmas" and will concluded with a school sing along of traditional Christmas songs.  

  • Reindeer Whisperer Final Wk. of PracticeReindeer Whisperer Final Wk. of Practice

    Lyrics sheets for the show will be going out this week.  Please help you child memorize the words.  Music reheasals have been going well so keep up the good work.

  • Veterans Program InfoVeterans Program Info

    The Veterans Day Celebration is this Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017 at Oak Hill Church.  The students need to be in the church by 2:15pm in their concert attire.....patriotic colors, nice church clothes.  Please no big hair bows, no hats and only soft sole shoes,  No high heels.  This is the time we will determine stage positions and practice with the pianist. The audience will enter to take their seats  at 3:30pm and the concert starts at 4:00pm. The band will warm up and tune at 3:15pm.   It should concluded at 5:00pm.  Admission is free.


    See You There!

  • 3rd Grade Performs for Veterans Day3rd Grade Performs for Veterans Day

    On Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017 a select group of 3rd graders will perform at Oak HIll Church for a Community Veterans Day Ceremony.  The performance is at 4:00pm and is free to the public.  I will be sending home a letter with important information conerning more details about the concert in the near future.

  • Lake Cumberland Community BandLake Cumberland Community Band

    Mr. Holmes has been chosen to be the conductor of  the "Lake Cumberland Community Band".  Students, Adults and Band Directors from the Lake Cumberland Region knocks the dust off of their instruments to make great music.  The 1st concert will be a "Veterans Day Celebration".  It is a community event held at Oakhill Church which is on Nov. 12, 2017 at  4:00pm. Come, Celebrate and Honor Our Veterans with us.

  • April 21, 2017 Career DayApril 21, 2017 Career Day

    A special thank you goes to the SHS Jazz Band for performing at Hopkins Career Day.  The students enjoyed the music and discussion about various music careers.

  • Feb. Extra Credit ResearchFeb. Extra Credit Research

    Find the secret code words and their true meaning in the following spirituals:  Follow the Drinking Gourd, Wade in the Water and Traveling Shoes.  You can write a report or make a power point presentation to to show the class.  Due by Feb. 28th, 2017.

  • Japanese Music MonthJapanese Music Month

    During the first two weeks on January we explored Japanese Culture.  The students listened to Japanese instruments and songs, learned how to say several words and played a Japanese children's game. Thanks to our Japanese students for their help with pronunciations.

  • How To Train Your ReindeerHow To Train Your Reindeer

    Starting Nov. 28, 2016 the 3rd Grade students will begin rehearsing for the Holiday School Musical "How To Train Your Reindeer To Fly".  We will practice the music during their normal music class time.  Please help your child to memorize the words, body movements and musical pitches.  More performance information will come later from their homeroom teachers. Songs include:  School of Reindeer, Reindeer Zone and Hip Hop Reindeer.   

  • Oct. 16 - Nov. 10, 2017 Appalachian Folk Music

    During the month of Oct. we will be recreating an Old Appalachian Folk Tale through the song "Skin and Bones" by Jean Ritchie.  Students will play the auto harp and use the elements of theater to recreate the story.

  • Sept, 28, 2018 Multi Culture DaySept, 28, 2018 Multi Culture Day

    Multi Culture Day is the Friday.  We will have various speakers, art work projects, music,food and a school wide indoor parade.

  • Sept. is Latino Heritage MonthSept. is Latino Heritage Month

    September is Latino Heritage Month.  Get your claves and shakers play the clave rhythm.  Celebrate diversity.  123 45.

    Students will recreate the clave rhythm and demonstrate the cha cha dance steps.

  •  Water Flute Experiment Water Flute Experiment

    Students fill various levels of water into the water flute to experiment with pitches.

  • May 23, 2016 Last Day for Extra Credit May 23, 2016 Last Day for Extra Credit
  • Apr. 30, 2016 National Jazz Day

    Jazz is one of two truely American Musical Art Forms.  Try listening to some today!  Last Saturday in Washington D.C. our country paid tribute to Jazz with some of the legendary performers.

  • Oct. 29, 2018 Parent-Teacher ConferenceOct. 29, 2018 Parent-Teacher Conference

    Monday Oct. 29, 2018 from 5:00 - 7:00pm Hopkins will have parent/teacher conferences.  Come and sign up for a time.

  • February:  Music of AfricaFebruary: Music of Africa

    February will be Music of African Month.  As a part of our global culture study we will introduce various cultures and regions from around the world using art, music, literature and dance.  We will spotlight one culture every month through the special classes and homeroom teachers. (which will be interjected at the time that fits their lessons.)

    Students will create polyrhythms using Uyot Seed Rattle,Gongkwa and Calabash.

    Musical examples will come from the following countries:
           Ghana, Nigeria,Kenya and Zimbabwa

    Students will hear a type of music that they never heard before so encourage them to have an open mind. 


  • Sept. 21, 2015 Extra Credit Project #2Sept. 21, 2015 Extra Credit Project #2

    Write a one page research report or make a power point on the following questions.

    What instrument did Benjamin Franklin invent?  What was it made of?  How did it work?  Why was it locked up and put away?

    Due:     Sept. 28, 2015
    Value:  10 trophy pts.

  • Sept. 5, 2019 Extra Credit ProjectSept. 5, 2019 Extra Credit Project

    In honor of Patriots Day:  Research the history of "Yankee Doodle".  Turn in a one page write up on your findings.  Include in your report:  How did you research it?  How was the song used? What was it originally?  What instruments were first used to play the song? What was the purpose of the song?  Due date is Sept. 28th, 2018.  Value:  10pts.

  • Sept. 8 2015 Picture DaySept. 8 2015 Picture Day

    Don't Forget Picture Day.  Individual photos are taken today.  Bring your smile.

  • Sept. 3, 2018 Fire Plan CheckSept. 3, 2018 Fire Plan Check

    Please speak with your children about your fire safety plan and escape route for you home.  Have two ways out, a meeting place, stay low to the ground and be out of your house in under 1 minute.  Don't forget to practice, practice and practice.

  • Aug. 12, 2019 Welcome Back To SchoolAug. 12, 2019 Welcome Back To School

    I hope you had a great summer and please remember....come to school ready to learn.

  •  Mar. 2, 2017 Dr.Seuss Birthday Mar. 2, 2017 Dr.Seuss Birthday

    Here is another chance for project points.  Make a model of a Dr. Seuss inspired instrument.  Combine things that normally do not go together.  Like:
    riding a bike while playing a tuba, clarinet,bass drum and cymbals.  Take one of the instruments from his books to use as a model.  Most of his books will have characters making music.

  • Sept. 14, 2015 Parent - Teacher ConferenceSept. 14, 2015 Parent - Teacher Conference

    Don't forget to schedule a conference with your homeroom teacher or myself if you would like to check on the academic status of your child.  You can call Hopkins to schedule a time between 5:00 - 7:00pm.

  • DonDon't Forget! THANK A VET!

    Nov. 11th is Veterans  Day! Please take the time to thank those who has served and is currently serving in our Armed Forces.  It is because of them that we have our freedoms today.  My dad served on the Air Craft Carrier USS Hancock during World War II. I bet if you look - there is someone in your own family.

  • Oct. 8 - 31, 2019 "Skin & Bones"Oct. 8 - 31, 2019 "Skin & Bones"

    The 3rd and 4th grade students will be recreating the Appalachian Folk Tale "Skin and Bones" which is set to music by Jean Ritchie.  We will be playing appalachian folk instruments, adding sound effects and bringing the characters to life in class.  This activity allows the students to apply the musical and theatrical elements in a performance manner.

  • Mar. 6, 2017 Alphabet Backwards ProjectMar. 6, 2017 Alphabet Backwards Project

    Try to say your musical alphabet fowards and backwards.  ABCDEFG GFEDCBA......then try to say your regular alphabet forwards and backwards ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.........

    It will make your brain stronger and get your class trophy points.  Good Luck or should I say...Doog Kcul !!!!!

    Due by Mar. 31, 2017

  • Bus SafetyBus Safety

    Please review with your child basic bus safety.
    Stay in your seat.  Be quiet.  Hands to yourself.  Keep hands inside the bus.
    Do not stand in the doorway while the bus is moving.  Check your handbook
    for more information, speak with your homeroom teacher or bus driver.     .............Be Safe and Be At School.

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