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Learning Targets

Learning Target Unit Sheet      Course Arts and Humanities


Chapter ____ / Unit Art Elements and Principles

Day #

Common Core/Quality Core Standard (s)



Students will use appropriate terminology to analyze and evaluate the use of elements of art (e.g., line, shape, form, texture, color) and principles of design (emphasis, pattern, balance, contrast) in a variety of visual artworks



Students will expressively use the elements of art, principles of design, and a variety of processes in creating artworks




Students will analyze and evaluate the use of elements of art (e.g., line, shape, color properties, color schemes/groups, form, texture, space, value) and principles of design (e.g., repetition, emphasis, pattern, balance, contrast, rhythm, proportion, movement) in a variety of two and three dimensional artworks



Students will identify and use a variety of subject matter in viewing and creating visual artworks (representational – e.g.,  landscape, portrait, still life, nonrepresentational – e.g., abstract, non-objective)


Learning Targets (I Can’s)


  • AH-HS-1.4.1: I can use appropriate terminology to identify, analyze and evaluate visual artworks.
  • I can analyze my own artwork using the appropriate terminology.


  • AH-HS-SA-S-VA2:  I can visually utilize the elements and principles of art.
  • I can create art that emphasizes the use of one particular element or principle of art.


  • AH-HS-SA-S-VA4: I can orally critique an artwork.
  • I can utilize the steps of describing, analyzing, interpreting and evaluating an artwork.
  • I can write an art critique using the correct language of art.


  • AH-HS-1.4.2: I can analyze or evaluate the use of several art media and processes.
  • I can use several art media and art process.