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Specialized Art                                                                                   Mr. Watkins

Class Syllabus


Class Description—Specialized Art is a hands-on course that requires you to think critically and creatively. The course will allow students to expand on concepts and techniques learned in General Art. The majority of work created in Specialized Art will be executed in a two week period. The two weeks will allow students to better understand the creative process through brainstorming, idea development, peer critique, execution, and display.


Grading—Rubrics and expectations will be provided for all assignments. While art is often subjective, I try to be as objective as possible in assessing student work. I believe that each student can and should work at the “A” level and will make every effort to help students succeed at a highest level. Following is the grading scale used in Somerset High School classes:

            100-90=A                    69-60=D

            89-80=B                      59-0=Unsatisfactory



Materials—Unfortunately, funds are very low due to federal, state and local cuts. Therefore, each student will be expected to pay a $20 art fee. Checks can be made to Somerset High School. This fee will help to cover the various material used in class.


You will also need to purchase a sketchbook, which can be found at most local school supply stores. Spiral bound sketchbooks are preferred because of their durability.


Sketchbooks—You should view the sketchbook as a companion. In a sketchbook you can:

  • Try out ideas and experiment with different materials and drawing techniques.
  • Record and save visual information.
  • Produce copies of master works.
  • Capture images from your imagination.
  • Develop quick sketches (thumbnail sketches).
  • Experiment with problem solving and developing compositions.


Rules—The intention of the following rules is to promote a safe learning environment that will allow students the greatest learning potential.

  1. Respect one another and your teacher.
  2. Take care of the art room and art materials.
  3. Be on time and prepared to work.
  4. Be cooperative and not disruptive.
  5. Learn and master techniques and content.