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APWH Unit I Exam Study Guide


Unit I Exam Study Guide

50 Total Points

Directions:  Please answer each question along with defining the key terms.



  1. When did the earth come into existence?
  2. Prehistory refers to the period before what?
  3. What key development made the Homo Erectus different than other Hominids?
  4. Approximately how long ago did the Homo Sapiens evolve?
  5. Inhabitants of the Paleolithic Age lived primarily by?
  6. Did social equality exist during the Paleolithic era?
  7. What is the key difference between living in the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras?
  8. The population of Mesopotamia adapted and created what?
  9. What does the word “Mesopotamia” mean?
  10. Name of the first complex society in the world developed in southern Mesopotamia.
  11. After 3000 B.C.E. all Sumerian cities were ruled by what form of government?
  12. Not only was Hammurabi’s code based on the concept of lex talionis, it was also shaped by?
  13. A mixture of alloyed copper and tin creates what new type of metal?
  14. The first people in the world to use wheeled vehicles were the?
  15. The Mesopotamian style of writing was known as?
  16. Name the society that began the custom of embalming to preserve the body for its after life.
  17. Herodotus used the phrase “the gift of the ____________” to describe Egypt.
  18. Egypt was united under this conqueror by 3100 B.C.E.
  19. Did Pharaohs in the New Kingdom attempt to extend the power beyond the Nile Valley?  Yes, or no?
  20. Name of the group that first introduced horse-drawn chariots to Egypt. 
  21. In what society did women enjoy the most freedom and opportunity?
  22. The Greek word for “holy inscriptions” refers to?
  23. How many gods did the cult of Amon-Re worship?
  24. How did Osiris judge whether or not souls were worthy of immortality?
  25. Tribe that began to spread their language and agricultural techniques throughout Africa were the?
  26. What happened to Indra after the Aryans and Dravidians mixed and intermingled?
  27. The earliest known urban society in India was the?
  28. Name of the two cities that served as the economic and political centers of early Indian history.
  29. At its height, approximately how many people lived in Mohenjo-daro?
  30. Have the writings/recordings about Harappan society provided a wealth of information?
  31. Harappan religion reflected a strong concern for what?
  32. How did the Aryans come into India?
  33. Most of our information about the early Aryans comes from whom?
  34. Which social class in the caste system is associated with warriors and aristocrats?
  35. Describe Karma.
  36. Who is the legendary founder of the Xia dynasty?
  37. The first attempt to organize public life in China on a large scale occurred during the ______ dynasty.
  38. The Chinese copied their chariots from whom?
  39. Which dynasty laid the foundation for principles of government and political legitimacy in China?
  40. What was the mandate of heaven?
  41. The “Period of the Warring States” refers to the?
  42. Many of the early Chinese literary works were destroyed by whom?
  43. Ritual bloodletting was crucial to Maya rituals because it was associated with?
  44. The first society of Mesoamerica were the?
  45. The Olmec common people labored for who?
  46. Most important political center of the Maya realm was what city?
  47. Mathematical concept created by the Maya.
  48. According to Popol Vuh, the first humans were created out of?
  49. The Chav’in cult produced deities with the features of these…
  50. Major difference between the aboriginal peoples of Australia and New Guinea.  Think food…