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Unit I: Foundations, 8000 BCE - 600 CE School Time Line

Unit I:  Foundations: 8000 BCE – 600 CE

AP Class Schedule 2016-2017



Class Topics


August 10th


  • Course Syllabus
  • Reading Expectations
  • Parent Consent Form
  • Using the Website
  • Discuss Reading Expectations with Parents/Guardians.
  • Have signed and bring back parental consent form.

August 11th  – 16th


Pass out Unit I outline.

Class divided up by Chapter (Unit I: 1-6).

Create poster over chapter per group.

Work on Unit I.  (Must be handwritten). 

The Epic of Gilgamesh Reading:  Q&A

August 17th – 18th


Group Class presentations per specific chapter. 

Complex Society vs. Civilization

Code of Hammurabi Reading:  Q&A


August 19th


Unit I Study Guide

Finish Study Guide as Home Work

August 22nd


Unit I Exam

Turn in Unit I Work

Read Chapter 7, pages 131 -137.

Work on Unit II, Chapter 7.

Start of Unit II

August 23rd – 24th


Founding of the Persian Empire

Cyrus & Darius’ Rule (Venn Diagram)


How the Achaemenid’s ruled their empire.

Decline and collapse of the Achaemenid Empire.

Read Chapter 7, pages 137 – 142.

Work on Unit II, Chapter 7.

August 25th -26th


Three Empires of Persia Notes

Social Life in the Empires


Economic Foundations of the Empires

Religions of Salvation/Persia:  Zoroastrianism

Map of the three empires, page 139.

Comparative Chart:  Seleucids/Parthians/Sasanids

Open Response/Page minimum:  page 144.

Read Chapter 8, pages 149-155.


Start Civilization Chart:  Persia

August 29th –August 30th


Three philosophies of ancient China: Confucianism/Daoism/Legalism Chart

Groups/Prepare for Class debate/Rubric

Class Debate


First Unification of China:  Qin

Life under the Qin/Rise of the Han Dynasty

Confucian Educational System

Prepare for Class Debate:

Read Chapter 8, pages 156-162.

Work on Unit II, Chapter 8.


Read Chapter 8, pages 163-166.


August 31st


Chinese Advancements

Social issues in the Han Dynasty/Yellow Turban Uprising. 

Collapse of the Han Dynasty

Read Chapter 9, pages 169-172.

Work on Unit II, Chapter 8.


Continue Civilization Chart:  China


September 1st


Indian Temporary Unification:  Mauryan Dynasty

Collapse of the Mauryan Dynasty

Regional Kingdoms of India:  Kushan/Gupta

Ready Chapter 9, pages 172-176.

Venn Diagram:  Kushan/Gupta


September 2nd


Economic Development and Social Distinctions

Caste System/Social Order List

Read pages 177-185.

Work on Unit II, Chapter 9.


September 6th


Religion:  Jainism.   Roots/beliefs/Appeal

Buddhism:  Founding/Buddha/The Dharma/Mahayana




September 6th


Hinduism:  The Epics/The Ethics/Popularity

Comparison Chart:  Buddhism vs. Hinduism.


Continue Civilization Chart:  India

Read Chapter 10, pages 189-194.

Work on Unit II, Chapter 10


September 7th-8th


Assign Parts for Trial of Socrates.

Rise of the Greek Society:

Sparta/Spartan Way of Life.

Athens & Democracy

Sparta vs. Athens Chart

Greek Expansion


Conflict w/Persia-Persian Wars

Creation of the Delian League/Peloponnesian War

Rise of Macedon and Macedonia/World’s largest empire.

Collapse of Macedonia/Creation of the Hellenistic Empires.


Read Chapter 10, pages 195-201

Work on Unit II, Chapter 10.

Outline of the three Hellenistic Empires.

Read Chapter 10, pages 201-203.





September 9th-12th


Greek Economy and Society

Festivals/Olympic Games


Greek Science & Math

Greek Philosophy:  Socrates/Plato/Aristotle

Greek Religion/Hellenistic Philosophy.

Read Chapter 10, pages 203-208.

Historical Readings:  Socrates vs. Plato


Final Stages of Socrates Trial.

Work on Unit II, Chapter 10.


Continue Civilization Chart:  Greeks


Read Chapter 11, pages 211-214


September 13th


Class Play:  Trial of Socrates


The Founding of Rome

Birth of the Republic/Roman Expansion


Open Response:  Rome, from Kingdom to Republic.


Read Chapter 11, pages 215-220


September 14th – 15th


Creation of the Roman Empire

Civil War

Julius Caesar/Augustus(Octavian)

Pax Romana/Roman Roads & Law

Roman Colosseum/Circus Maximus


Family & Society in Rome

Roman Religion/Stoicism



Read Chapter 11, pages 223-226

Critical thinking: Write a stoic letter.


Work on Unit II, Chapter 11



September 14th-15th



Sources from the Past, page 228:  Compare Jesus’ moral teachings with that of Buddhist and Hindu thought.


Work on Unit II, Chapter 11.


Read Chapter 12, pages 236-239.




September 16th


The Monsoon System

The Silk Roads/Tracing of the Silk Roads

Work on Unit II, Chapter 12.

Read Chapter 12, pages 239-244

Chart: Spread of goods/Ideas/diseases on the Silk Road.


September 19th


Discussion of the Silk Roads/Spread of…



Read Chapter 12, pages 245-252.

Continue working on Chapter 12.


September 20th


Internal Decay/Collapse of the Han Dynasty

Fall of the Roman Empire: Internal Decay/Fall & Collapse of the Western Roman Empire.

Moving of the Capital/Splitting of the Catholic Church. 



Finish Working on Unit II, Chapter 12.


Complete Unit II Work


September 21st


Unit II Study Guide

Complete Unit II Study Guide


September 22nd


Unit II Exam

Turn in Unit II Work

Turn in Homework