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Chapter 17: The West Between the Wars

Unit 4:  The Twentieth Century Crisis, 1914–1945

Chapter 17: The West Between the Wars, 1919-1938

Day #

Academic Expectations: Historical Perspective (2.20)

Program of Studies:  SS-H-HP-S-1 (Part B) Specific Below

History Channel Video Clips, Documentary Video Clips.  Hitler:  Rise of Evil.

Thoughtful Ed. Activities:  Fist List NA, Vocabulary Notebook, Think, Pair, Share, Visualizing Vocabulary.


 Students will:

SS-H-HP-U-2:   History is a series of connected events shaped by multiple cause-effect relationships, tying past to present.


SS-H-HP-U-WC1:   Students will understand that: world civilizations (e.g., African, Asian, European, Latin American, Middle Eastern) can be analyzed by examining significant eras (Renaissance, Reformation, Age of Exploration, Age of Revolution, Nationalism and Imperialism, Technological Age, 21st Century) to develop chronological understanding and recognize cause-effect relationships and multiple causation.


SS-H-HP-U-WC3:  Students will: each era in the history of the world has social, political and economic characteristics.


SS-H-HP-S-4.D:  Examine how nationalism, militarism, expansionism and imperialism led to conflicts (e.g., World War I, Japanese aggression in China and the Pacific, European imperialism in Africa, World War II) and the rise of totalitarian governments (e.g., Communism in Russia, Fascism in Italy, Nazism in Germany)


Learning Targets (I Can’s)


  • I can explain the French takeover of the Ruhr Valley.
  • I can describe the hyperinflation that hit Germany.
  • I can describe the Dawes Plan.
  • I can describe the Treaty of Locarno.
  • I can analyze the impact of the Great Depression in America and Europe.
  • I can define collective bargaining.
  • I can define deficit spending.
  • I can describe the New Deal.  FIST LIST NA


  • I can define a totalitarian state.
  • I can define fascism.
  • I can define New Economic Policy.
  • I can define Politburo.
  • I can describe the Five Year Plans.  VOCABULARY NOTEBOOK


  • I can describe the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party.
  • I can define Reichstag.
  • I can describe the Enabling Act.
  • I can describe the Nuremburg Laws.
  • I can analyze Kristallnacht.  THINK, PAIR, SHARE


  • I can describe the effect of mass media on culture.
  • I can define photomontage.
  • I can define surrealism.
  • I can define the uncertainty principle.  VISUALIZING VOCABULARY