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Testing Procedures/Policies

  • In some classes, ‘testing seats’ are assigned which most often means students will take tests at seats that are different from their normal classroom seating.
    • These seats are occasionally reshuffled and reassigned. 
  • Tests are always scheduled/announced days in advance
  • Students should come to test sessions prepared (most notably with the appropriate calculator).
    • Pencils are preferred to be used on the bubble sheet portion of multiple choice tests.  
    • Pens are permissible on the Free Response sections/questions.
  • Due to test security issues, sharing of calculators during a test session is NOT allowed.
    • Generally speaking the calculator should be a TI-83/84 or some variation of those.  TI-INSPIRE calculators will be permitted on the tests, as well provided that individual students know how to use these calculators. 
    • The instructor does not know how to use an HP or Casio brand calculator. 
  • Cell phones from all students must be powered down/on silent and placed on the tables next to the teacher’s desk during test sessions.  They must remain in this location until all students have completed and turn in the test or when the dismissal bell rings.
    • This same policy applies when students are completing makeup tests before/after school. 
  • Students absent from class during a test session will receive a temporary grade of ‘ZERO’ on Infinite Campus, which will promptly be removed and replaced with the grade earned from the make-up test session. 
  • Make up tests will be made up in this classroom either before or after school during any of the times announced in class (typically written on the whiteboard in GREEN). 
    • Algebra II/ Pre-AP Geometry/ Pre-AP Algebra II – The make-up test will be identical to the initial/ original test
    • AP Statistics – Once the initial/original test is administered, this test will not be administered again and the answers/solutions will be released the following class session.  Students to miss an initial/original test will take the ‘re-test’ version of the test as their test grade.  (See re-testing below). 
  • Re-testing opportunities are available for all courses. 
    • Algebra II / Pre-AP Geometry/ Pre-AP Algebra II – The re-test window (as well the make-up testing window) is generally 2-3 weeks following the original test session.  Students are strongly encouraged to re-take tests on a prompt and timely manner following a poor test performance in order to see positive changes take place regarding their grades.  3rd, 4th, etc attempts are allowed, but only during the 2-3 week window.  Students who wait until the last moment to re-take/make-up a test forfeit additional opportunities. 
    • AP Statistics – There will be 2-3 re-test sessions offered after each chapter test.  After all re-testing students have completed their 2nd attempt, the tests will be scored and updated performances will be announced to individual students.  Students are allowed a 3rd attempt, but will be required to meet with the instructor to determine what skills and concepts are continuing to cause problems for the students regarding testing. 
  • ‘Standards sheets’ are how test results are communicated to students.  (The only exception is an initial/original test in AP Statistics, in which the actual test paper is handed back to the student for a specified amount of time.  For re-testing, standards sheets will be used in AP Statistics, like all other courses, however.).  The standards sheets will be identical to the ones found on the front page of chapter packets and will included the overall test score, as well as highlighted questions that the student missed.
    • Do not lose these sheets!

Test format:

  • AP Statistics:  10-12 Multiple Choice Questions; 2 Free Responses
    • Weighted:  50% MC/ 50% FRQ’s
  • Algebra II:  25 Multiple Choice Questions @ 4 points apiece
    • Weighted:  100% MC
  • Pre-AP Algebra II/ Pre-AP Geometry:  15 Multiple Choice Questions @ 4 points apiece; 2 Free Responses
    • Weighted:  60% MC/ 40% FRQ’s

Scoring of Free Response Questions:

  • All Free Response Questions will be scored a 0-4 scoring system: 
  • The scores mean the following:
    • 4 – Complete Response
    • 3 – Substantial Response
    • 2 – Developing Response
    • 1 – Minimal Response
    • 0 – Blank or No Response

Final grading on tests

  • Algebra II/ Pre-AP Geometry/ Pre-AP Algebra II will be given final grades that following a traditional 0-100% point system.
  • AP Statistics will be given final grades that are as follows:

Categorical grades are as follows:

  • 5 – Extremely Well-Qualified (usually corresponds to a 100/105%)
    • 5+ is awarded to students who achieve perfection on a test (110%).
  • 4 – Well Qualified (usually corresponds to a 92% up to a 96%)
  • 3 – Qualified (usually corresponds to an 82% up to an 88%)
  • 2 – Possibly Qualified (usually corresponds to a 70% or 75%)
  • 1 – Unqualified (corresponds to a 60%)
  • 0 – Outlier Score – corresponds to a true percentage grade based on what student got correct on the test (typically this score is below a 40%); students who earn this score are REQUIRED to re-take the test.