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2017-2018 Course Sequence/Outline

AP Statistics Course Outline
This course will cover the FOUR MAJOR COMPONENTS of AP Statistics

  • Exploring Data
  • Experimental Design
  • Producing Models Using Probability and Simulation
  • Statistical Inference


Unit 1:  Exploratory Data Analysis
Chapter 1:  Exploring Data 
Chapter 2:  Modeling Distributions of Data 
Chapter 3:  Describing Relationships


Unit 2:  Data Collection
Chapter 4:  Designing Studies


Unit 3:  Probability
Chapter 5:  Probability:  What are the Chances?
Chapter 6:  Random Variables 
Chapter 7:  Sampling Distributions


Unit 4:  Inference
Chapter 8:  Estimating With Confidence
Chapter 9:  Testing a Claim 
Chapter 10:  Comparing Two Populations or Groups
Chapter 11:  Inference for Distributions of Categorical Data
Chapter 12:  More About Regression


Course Cumulative Review

AP Examination Review (15-20 Days)

Review will consist of:

  • In-Class Formal Review
  • Online HW assignments
  • One on one discussion/tutoring sessions between the instructor and students to address individual needs.
  • Multiple opportunities to re-test.