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Unit Five: The Integral

Unit Five:  The Integral

Day One:   Antiderivatives Using the Power Rule

Day Two:  Antiderivatives with negative exponents and radicals

Day Three:  The Area Problem

Day Four:  Riemann Sum

Day Five:  Definition of the Definite Integral

Day Six:  Definition of the Definite Integral

Day Seven:  Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

Day Eight:  Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

Day Nine:  Review

Day Ten:  Test

Day Eleven:   Integration by Subsitution

Day Twelve:  Integration by Substitution

Day Thirteen:  Anti-derivatives of logarithm and exponential functions

Day Fourteen:   Anti-derivatives of logarithn and exponential functions

Day Fifteen:   Anti-derivatives of Trigonometric functions

Day Sixteen:  Integration by Substution- definite integrals

Day Seventeen:   Integration by Substitution- definite integrals

Day Eighteen:  Review

Day Nineteen:   Review

Day Twenty:   Test