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    Due to inclement weather, there will be no in-person learning for Somerset Independent Schools on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.  This is NTI day number three and students will need to complete NTI lesson #3 for each class.  If students or parents have specific questions about a lesson, please email the teacher.

    After school childcare will be CLOSED on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.

    Staff will work from home.

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Unit One: Linear Equations and Inequalities

Unit One Outline:

Day One:  Recognizing Linear Equations and Key Characteristics

Day Two:  Finding Slope and Midpoint

Day Three:  Review; Graphing Calculator Investigations

Day Four:  Quiz; Linear Inequalities

Day Five:  Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities

Day Six:  Quiz; Circles

Day Seven:  Review

Day Eight:  TEST

Learning Target Unit Sheet      Course__PRE-CALCULUS______


Chapter __1__ / Unit____LINEAR FUNCTIONS____________________

WK 1





Learning Targets (I Can’s)


  •  I can define a linear equation in two variables.


  •  I can recognize slope intercept and standard form of linear equations.


  • I can find the x-and y- intercepts of an equation.


  • I can calculate the slope of the line and find slope graphically.


  • I can find the equation of a line given point and slope, two points, the graph, etc.
  • I can find equations of lines that are parallel and perpendicular to given lines.


  • I can solve and graph linear inequalities in one variable
  • I can solve and graph linear inequalities in two variables.


  • I can solve and graph absolute value equations (one variable).
  • I can solve and graph absolute value inequalities (one variable).
  • I can solve and graph absolute value equations/inequalities (two variables).