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Gifted and Talented STEM Camp 2019

Stem Camp

Somerset Independent Gifted and Talented STEM Camp 2019


Somerset Independent Schools recently held their first annual Gifted and Talented STEM Camp.  Twenty-two middle school students participated in the two-day event, along with two high school assistants.  Mr. Scott Dunn, middle school science teacher, and Mrs. Gwynne Baker, high school engineering teacher, engaged students in a variety of hands-on activities including the following topics:  CAD (computer aided design), online and stick bridge building, 3D printing, rocket building and launching, drone flying, chemistry, and virtual reality.  During the camp, one group of students even assisted Mr. Dunn in the 3D printing of a single cylinder internal combustion mock up.  The crank piston and valves were all movable and everything was printed at one time, even the threaded head bolts and nuts!  To end the camp, students were able to Skype with Eric Batten, a Grant Partnership Consultant with Texas Instruments. He was able to inform students of the roles of his position and take them on a virtual tour while he was at the "We Teach Computer Science" Conference in Texas.  The camp was a huge success, and we hope to continue this tradition in the summers to come.




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