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Historical Masks

Historical Masks



Here are a few of the mask projects that were submitted.  Pictured (left to right), Sachiha Hosaka (ancient Japanese mask), Minori Hosaka (ancient Japanese mask), Emme Goforth (ancient Egyptian mask), Devan Hurt (African mask), Bryson Church (ancient Egyptian mask), Zasha Jones (Mayan mask) and Jayden Garcia (ancient Japanese mask). All of our students worked extremely hard on their mask project and we are very proud of them.  Way to go JUMPERS!!! 


Venetian Masquerade Mask

Samuel Rosales (Venetian Masquerade mask) 



Pacific Island & Egyptian Anubis Masks

Claire Thompson (Pacific Islands Tiki mask)  & Katelynn Barber (Egyptian Anubis mask) 



Pacific Island & Greek Theater Masks

Zuleima Hernandez (Pacific Island mask) & Corban Cimala (Greek theater comedy mask) 

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