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Meece/Hopkins Academic Team


To recap their season, they place 2nd overall in the district competition with the following team and individual recognitions:

2nd Place (Runner-Up) in Team Quick Recall
1st Place Finish in FPS (Future Problem Solving)
2nd Place in Mathematics – Emma Ashlock

5th Place in Mathematics – Logan Purcell
1st Place Arts & Humanities – Emily Ham
3rd Place in Science – Hayden Jones
4th Place in Science – Aidan Corder
3rd Place in Social Studies – Max Yeast
5th Place in Social Studies – Rachel Tomlinson
5th Place in Language Arts – Rachel Tomlinson


Regional competition was this past Saturday, March 21st at Oakhill Elementary where the team finished in 3rd place overall and 1st place in team quick recall.   Individual recognitions go out to:


Emily Ham for finishing 1st place in Arts & Humanities
Aiden Corder for finishing 2nd place in Science
Emma Ashlock for finishing 2nd place in Mathematics


Congratulations to the entire team for a job well done.  Picture from left to right (1st row): Kayleigh Bartley, Max Yeast, Clark Denney, Aiden Corder, Logan Purcell and Cole Reynolds (2nd row):  Hayden Jones, Tori Smith, Emma Ashlock, Pearl Wonn, Emily Ham, Abby Ford, Rachel Tomlinson and Mia Napier, Christian Leigh and Maddie Perkins (not pictured) (3rd row):  Team’s coaches are Barbara Brown, Robin Crawford and Charlotte Hail (not pictured). 

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