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Distance Learning Frequently Asked Questions

Distance Learning Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a question about Remote Learning, Infinite Campus, Live Classes, or Google Classroom? Are you having technical difficulties? Your question will likely be answered in the Frequently Asked Questions below.



  • Student ID #'s are located on the front cover of agendas 

  • Directions for the computer login, IC, & Google classroom are on labels inside the front cover of agendas

  • Visit to access our school website. Click on forms and links to get to Infinite Campus. 

  • Students can access their email by going to the Somerset webpage ( and clicking Forms & Links. Click “Office 365” and login. The username is the student’s email ( and the password is the same as the one they login to the computer. Once you are signed in, click on “Outlook” to get to email. 


Infinite Campus Questions

Q: How do students login to Infinite Campus?

A: Go to the Somerset webpage ( Click Forms & Links. Click the green Infinite Campus Students & Parents icon (right side). Select “Campus Student”. 


Your username is your Student ID and can be found on the front cover of your agenda. Your password is your last name (all lowercase) and your birthday. Here’s the format: lastnamemmddyy (example: smith032505).


Q: Help! I can’t login to Infinite Campus.

A: First, make sure everything is typed in correctly. If you are still unable to login, call Meece Middle School and ask for Mrs. Shepherd (606-678-5821).


Q: How do students check-in or mark attendance in Infinite Campus?

A: After you login to Infinite Campus, scroll to the middle of the webpage (not the left hand side) and find a box that says "Check Ins". Click the small arrow next to "Check Ins". Click the big blue button that says, "I'm here!"


Q: How do students find their grades?

A: Grades are on the left side of the page after you login to Infinite Campus.


Q: How do students find their schedule?

A: Your schedule is on the left side of the page after you login to Infinite Campus.


Live Monday/Friday Schedule Questions


Q: When are live classes?

A: Live classes are on Mondays and Fridays from 8:30-2:30 while we are 100% distance learning. See below for the Live schedule.


8:30-9:00: 1st period

9:00-9:30: 2nd period

9:30-10:00: 3rd period

10:00-10:30: 4th period

10:30-1:00: lunch/study/homework

1:00-1:30: 5th period

1:30-2:00: 6th period

2:00-2:30: 7th period


Q: How do students access live classes?

A: Teachers host live classes on Google Meet. You can access their Google Meet by using the link or code they provide. Each teacher has a different Meet link or Meet code. Email your teacher or message them in Google Classroom for help.


Q: What if students miss a Google Meet live class?

A: Google Meet sessions are recorded and will be posted in Google Classroom by your teacher. Watch the recorded session before completing the assignments for further instruction.


Google Classroom Questions

Q: How do students access Google Classroom?

A: Click the Google Chrome icon and go to Login with your Google account (same as your computer login). Your username is your student email ( Your password is the same as your computer login password. 


Q. Is there an easy way to see what assignments are due in Google Classroom?

A: Yes. You can find a ‘to-do’ list for assignments to navigate workload. It covers all the classes so you can see everything due in one place. It is also color coded so you know which class is which. To find the options, use the three bars in the top left of the classroom. Past due items show in red in the ‘to-do’ view.

Here’s a video tutorial for the To Do List in Google Classroom:


Q: How do students open/turn in an assignment?

A: Assignments can be found in the teacher’s Google Classroom in the “Classwork” section, the To-Do List (see above question), or on the left side of the Stream under “Upcoming.” Select an assignment and click “View Assignment” to see details and instructions. Follow the instructions and click any links or documents to complete your work. After you finish the assignment click “Turn In.”

Here’s a great video tutorial for opening and turning in assignments: 


Q: How do parents get registered as a guardian for their child’s Google Classroom?

A: You can email any of your student’s teachers and ask them to add you as a guardian. Simply provide them with the email address you wish to use for registration, and they can invite you quickly and easily. Once the invite arrives, you will need to accept the invitation, then you will be attached as a guardian to your student and you will receive Guardian Summaries.

Here’s a video that explains everything you would see in a Guardian Summary:


Q. Does the student need to login to Google Classroom every day?

A. Yes, students should login and work on assignments in Google Classroom Monday-Friday. On Mondays and Fridays students will have live lessons on Google Meet. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday students will have pre-recorded lessons and assignments.


Do you have more Google Classroom questions?

This video is a great introduction for parents:

Here’s a link to the Google Classroom Help Center:


Common Technical Difficulties


Q: What should I do if my laptop will not connect to the wifi (6th and 8th graders with Streams)?

A: After connecting your HP Stream to your WIFI, you will need to enter your username (graduation year first three letters of first name and first three letters of last name (example: 2021 John Smith, username would be 21johsmi) and password.


Q: What should I do if my charger stopped working?

A: Make sure all parts of the charger are connected. Many issues occur because the cord starts to become unplugged from the adapter.


Q: What if I’m still having technical problems?

A: Your first point of contact is your teacher. If they can’t fix the issue, they’ll forward the concern up to our Technology Department so we can sort out the trouble.