• School Closings/Delays:

    Due to impending inclement weather, there will be no in-person learning for Somerset Independent Schools on Thursday, January 20, 2022.  This is NTI day number four and students will need to complete NTI lesson #4 for each class.  If students or parents have specific questions about a lesson, please email the teacher.
    After school childcare will be CLOSED on Thursday, January 20, 2022.
    Staff will work from home.


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Thoughtful Ed Graphic Organizers

Meece Middle School

Thoughtful Ed Graphic Organizers

 4-2-1 Free Write Organizer
 Anticipation Guide
 Associations Organizer
 Blank Vocabulary Knowledge Rating
 Boggle Gamesheet
 Cause and Effect Chain 
 Character Web
 Cinquain Graphic Organizer
 Circle Topic Generator
 Compare and Contrast 
 Context Connections Organizer
 Cycle Organizer
 Deep Processing Organizer
 Double Entry Ideas for Fiction
 Figure It Out
 Fish Bone Map
 Four Thought Organizer
 Getting the Gist
 Group & Label
 Key Points
 Main Idea - Getting the Gist
 Mapping Activity
 Matrix Graphic Organizer
 Memory Box Document 
 Mind's Eye
 Multiple Causes - Multiple Effects
 Multiple Causes - Single Effect
 Non-Fiction Tovani Sheet
 Note Taking Strategy 
 Plant Web Organizer
 Priority Pyramid 
 Problem Solution
 Problem Solution Chart
 Rank Order Ladder
 Reading Comprehension Worksheet
 See It - Say It - Show It - Store It
 Sequence of Events Chart
 Single Cause - Multiple Effects
 Sort & Label 
 Support & Refute Organizer
 Support or Refute - Blank
 Symbol Activity 
 Thoughtful Ed - Flochart 1
 Thoughtful Ed - Flochart 2
 Thoughtful Ed - Flochart 3
 Thoughtful Ed - Flochart 4
 Three-Way Tie
 Top Hat
 Triangle Sentences
 Vocabulary Bingo Board 
 Vocabulary Concept Map
 Vocabulary Map
 Vocabulary Word Web Organizer 
 Word Banks
 Window Notes
 Word Spider