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New Immunization Requirements


As of July 1, 2018 the State of Kentucky issued new immunization requirements for all students attending public schools.  Immunizations are important in keeping our students safe and healthy at our school, so we are asking that you please send a copy of your child’s current immunization certificate to the school nurse as soon as possible. You may also request that your primary care provider fax these records to SHS guidance at 606-677-0087.


The new requirements as of July 1, 2018 are as follows:


  1.   Hepatitis A:  Every student enrolled must receive!  The Hepatitis A vaccine is a 2-dose series with each dose separated by 6 months.  If you haven’t received your 1st dose, please do so ASAP.  If 6 months has lapsed since your 1st dose, please make an appointment ASAP to receive your 2nd dose.  Please turn in your updated certificate to the school nurse after you receive each vaccine.


  1.  Meningococcal:   Any student age 16 years or older must receive!  The meningococcal vaccine (MCV4) booster dose is now required for many high school students.  Students received their initial dose for 6th grade entry and are now required a booster dose at age 16.  Once your student has received this 2nd MCV4, please have a current updated certificate turned in to the school nurse ASAP.


Thank you for your attention and cooperation in this very important matter!

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